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Unit 1

Ann's First Day

  • Do you think every class should have a class pet?  Why or why not?

  • Do you think a rabbit would make a good pet? Why or why not?

  • You are a reporter writing an article about pets.  Write three questions to ask your classmates.  Then write their answers.

  • Write a short postcard to a friend or relative asking what his or her favorite animal is.  Ten tell what your favorite animal is.

  • Do you think a pet can be a friend?  Why or why not?

Henry and Mudge

  • Imagine you are teaching a dog to do a trick, such as sit up and beg, or to catch a ball.  Write what you would say.

  • You're walking a dog.  All of a sudden it gets loose and starts running away.  What would you do?  What would you say?

  • Imagine you are Henry on the day he first gets Mudge.  Tell about what you do and say.

  • Your job is to walk five dogs.  What do you say to them so they do what you want them to do?  tell about one walk.

  • Your dog is going to teach you a trick to do in the dog show.  What trick will it be?  How will your dog teach you?

Luka's Quilt

  • You are going to make a quilt for your bed.  Will it have animals? flowers? How will it look? What colors will you use? Describe it.

  • You and your cousin are going to a carnival.  What will you do?  What games will you play?  What rides will you go on?

  • You and your friends are going to build a tree house.  What will it look like?  What will you use it for?  What will you keep in it?

  • You had the day off from school because of a snowstorm.  Write a letter to your pen pal that tells how you spent the day.

  • There is going to be a craft contest at school.  What will you make?  What happens the day of the contest?

Roundup at Rio Ranch

  • Write a poem describing an imaginary ride on a horse.  Your horse can go anywhere you want!

  • Have you ever had to wake up very early in the morning to go somewhere to do something?  Tell about it.

  • Write a letter to a friend telling about Jose's first roundup.  Describe what happened and what Jose did.

  • Write a news story about a cattle roundup.  Be sure to include the date the roundup took place and what city and state it was in.

  • Compare a cow and a horse.  Describe what is different about them and what is alike.

Welcome to a New Museum

  • Have you ever been to a museum?  Describe the things you saw and what you did there.

  • Someone is planning to visit the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American history.  Tell what he or she will see there.

  • If you had your own museum, what kinds of things would you have in it?  Why do you want to have them?

  • Write a conversation between two people visiting the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American history.

  • You are going to give something you own to a museum.  What will you give? Describe it and tell why you are giving it.

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Unit 2

Lemonade for Sale

  • Did you ever have a sale in your neighborhood or at school?  What did you sell?  Tell about the experience.

  • What would you do to get people to notice your lemonade stand?  Would you use signs, or music, or performers?  Choose one idea and write about it.

  • Not all kids have clubhouses.  Describe another place where kids could get together and have fun.

  • List three things kids could sell to earn money.  choose one and write about it.

  • Do you think it would be fun to have a lemonade stand, or another business?  Tell why or why not.

A Letter to Amy

  • Do you think birthday parties are fun? Tell why or why not.

  • Think of a reason for a party other than for a birthday.  What would you do?  Where would you have it?  How would you decorate for it?

  • Write a story about an adventure you had while trying to mail a letter.

  • Write a letter to a friend telling what happened at your birthday party or someone else's birthday party.

  • What if you were a letter? Where would you be going? Who are you from? Write about your adventures as you go through the mail.

The Best Friends Club

  • You are going to organize a club.  Who will you invite to be members?  What is the name of the club?  What is the purpose of the club?

  • You just found out a friend of yours has organized a club.  You have not been invited to join.  What will you do?

  • Suppose your club meets once a week.  Create a calendar showing one month of club meetings.  Include the time and place of each meeting.

  • The club is having a party.  Write and address an invitation to a teacher.  Tell where and when the party will take place.

  • You want to start a club at school.  Write a letter to the principal that gives two reasons why your club is a good idea.

Under Attack: Sharks! 

  • Write two or three sentences telling what you know about sharks.  What do they look like?  What do they eat?

  • Imagine you had a pet shark.  How would you take care of it?  How would it live and what would you feed it?

  • Suppose you had a fish tank.  Write a letter telling about all the creatures in your tank.

  • You are going on an ocean voyage.  You can take three things with you.  What are they/  Tell why you chose them.

  • Ask a friend or relative what his or her favorite animal is.  Write what he or she likes about the animal and why.

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Unit 3

Arthur Writes a Story

  • Do you like to share your writing with your friends?  Tell why or why not.

  • Your friend just told you your writing is not very good.  How do you feel about your friend?  How do you feel about your writing?

  • Your friend just told you your writing is terrific.  How do you feel about your writing?  How do you feel about your friend?

  • You want to talk to your teacher about your writing.  Write a short note asking for a meeting next Monday.  Use abbreviations in your note.

  • You are a famous writer.  Some people like your work.  So do not.  Whose opinion do you think is the most important, other people's or your own? Why?

Best Wishes, Ed

  • This story is about talking animals.  What kind of voice do you think Ed the penguin has?  Describe it.

  • Imagine how storybook animals learn to read and write.  What kind of school do penguins have?  What does it look like?  Who is the teacher?  Write about it.

  • What is it like to live in a very cold place?  Describe a day on a frozen island.

  • Think about the different animals you are familiar with.  Which one are friendly with other animals?  Explain.

  • How do different animals get around?  Do they fly, walk, swim, or hop?  Describe two animals and how they get around.

The Pony Express

  • What was the last time you sent someone a postcard, letter, or greeting card?  Describe what you did.

  • Imagine you were one a Pony Express rider.  Write about what you did and what happened.

  • you once were a mailperson.,  You delivered happy mail and sad mail.  tell what you thought about and how you felt.

  • Write a letter telling a friend why you liked being a mailperson.

  • Write a story about a storm that was so heavy the mail could not be delivered.

Nine-In-One, Grr! Grr!

  • Describe a tiger or other wild animal.  Remember to tell about the different body parts it has.

  • Tell about the items you have in your desk, backpack, or pockets.

  • Remember the last time you visited the doctor or dentist?  What did he or she have in his or her office?  Write about it.

  • You are going to write a book about the tiger and the bird.  Write the title.

  • Did you ever use a song or rhyme to remember something?  Tell what you wanted to remember and how you remembered it.


Change for the Quarter

  • Write a story about two friends going shopping together.  What do they see?  What do they buy?

  • Is there something you collect or would like to collect?  tell what you like about it.

  • What is your favorite activity, game, or hobby?  Is it something you do alone, or with friends?  Describe it.

  • Tell about the last time you went on a trip with your family.  What did you do?  What did you see?

  • What do you do to get ready for school each morning?  Describe.

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Unit 4

Charlie Anderson

  • Have you ever had to share a pet or a favorite toy?

  • Write a story about two pets sharing one owner.  how do the pets feel about each other?  How does the owner spend time with both?

  • Do you have or know a pet that never goes outside?  Describe its day.

  • Charlie's two families are getting together for a picnic.  Write an invitation.

  • Imagine you are building a special house for a pet.  What would it look like?  What would be special about it?

Fernando's Gift

  • Pretend you are the boy on page 47.  Describe what you are doing and where you are going.

  • Imagine you are a reporter writing a story about the rainforest.  Write about the sights and sounds you see and hear as you walk through the forest.

  • Write a letter to Fernando telling him about a day in your life.  Write about events as if they were taking place as you write them.

  • Write a conversation between Fernando and Carmina.  Talk about how Carmina feels about her gift.

  • Look at the picture of Fernando's class on page 54.  Describe what you think is happening in the picture.

Best Vacation Ever

  • What was the best vacation you ever had?  Tell what you did.

  • What makes a vacation really good?  Explain in a short paragraph.

  • Pretend you could go anywhere and do anything you wanted.  Where would you go?  What would you do?

  • Write a letter to a friend telling him or her about your pretend vacation.

  • You are going on vacation.  You can take a real person or someone from a story.  Describe the person and tell why you have chosen him or her.

Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats

  • Tell what you know or what you have heard about bats.

  • Write a story about children who formed a "Bats are Terrific" Club.  What were the first three things they did?

  • Write an article for a newsletter that tells about the first meeting of the B.A.T. Club.  Tell where and when it met and what was discussed.

  • Write a brief review of Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats.  Make sure to include the title.

  • Has reading about bats changed your mind about them?  Do you think people would change their minds if they learned  more about bats?  Why or why not?

Going Batty for Bats

  • Your best friend is afraid of bats.  What would you tell him or her?  Write about it.

  • Compare bats with another animals, such as a cat, dog, or mouse.  Describe things that are alike and things that are different.

  • Would you like to have a pet bat the size of a bumblebee?  Why or why not?

  • Would you prefer to have a pet that flies or one that walks?  Explain why.

  • People are often afraid of animals they don't know much about.  What advice would you give them?

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Unit 5

Bremen Town Musicians

  • Do you have a favorite singer or musician?  Describe what it is you like about this person.

  • What other stories have you read about a talking animal?  Tell what the animal did or what happened to it.

  • Write a short story about a group of animals who play on a sports team together.

  • Write a conversation between the animals in the story after they get rid of the robbers.

  • Write a story about an animal and a person who work together or help each other.


Our Soccer League

  • Every team wants to win all the time.  No team does.  Describe how it feels to be on the winning team.  Describe how it feels to be on the losing team.

  • Have you ever been on the same team with a close friend or relative?  tell about the experience.

  • Write a letter to a friend telling about a sporting event you went to or would like to see.  Who did you go with?  How did you get there?

  • Imagine you are a famous athlete.  Explain how you and your coach or team prepare for a big game.

  • It's hard for members of a team to get along all the time.  Write some advice for teammates about getting along with each other.

The Wednesday Surprise

  • Did you or someone you know ever get a surprise present?  tell about it.  Or write a paragraph about a present you would like to get.

  • Have you ever taught someone how to do or make something?  What did you teach?  Who was your student?

  • What new thing would you like to learn?  Do you know someone who could teach you?  Why do you want to learn to do or make this thing?

  • Write an invitation to a surprise party.  Be sure to include where and when the party will be, and who it is for.

  • Think of someone you would like to surprise.  What would you do?  Tell about it.

Fossils Tell of Long Ago

  • What do you know about dinosaurs?  What do they look like?  What do they eat?  How big are they?  How do you know this information?

  • Compare fossils with photographs.  How are they the same?  How are they different?

  • Write a story about a boy or girl who finds a fossil.  Tell where he or she found it and what it looked like.

  • Write a short review of Fossils Tell of Long Ago. Tell what you thought was interesting about it.  Be sure to include the title of the book.

  • Tell about a museum you have visited or would like to visit.  What exhibits do they have there?

Are You a Fossil Fan?

  • Would you like to be a fossil finder?  Why or why not?

  • You are a reporter spending the day with the Fossil Finder.  Describe what you do and see on the dig with Sam.

  • How do fossils help us learn about people and things from long ago?

  • What equipment does an archaeologist need to bring on a dig? Describe the tools and other useful items he or she might carry.

  • Why is it important to save and study fossils?

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Unit 6

Officer Buckle and Gloria

  • Did you ever listen to a boring speech?  Why was it boring?  What did you do?

  • You are going to tell someone who gave a boring speech how to make it interesting.  Write your advice.

  • You have been asked to talk to children about safety.  Choose a topic such as how to cross the street, or how to ride a bike safely.  Write what you would say.

  • Write three things everyone should do to ride a bike safely.  Choose one of the things and tell why it is important.

  • Think about a time someone talked to you about safety.  Describe the person.  Tell what he or she said.

Tomas and the Library Lady

  • Think about the first time you went to a library.  Describe what you saw.  Describe what you did.

  • You are taking someone to the library for the first time.  How will you help him or her learn about the library?

  • Compare reading a story yourself and listening to someone read a story.  How is it the same?  How is it different?

  • Write a letter to your principal asking if your class can visit your public library.  Give reasons why it's a good idea.

  • Would you like to work in a library?  Why or why not?

Princess Pooh

  • Have you ever wanted to be someone else?  What made you want to be like that person?

  • Everyone gets a little bit jealous sometimes.  Describe a time when you were jealous of a close friend or relative.  What did he or she have or do that you didn't?

  • What is the nicest think you ever made or did for a relative?  Tell what it was and why you did it.

  • Write a funny story about a brother and sister who always want what the other one has.  Make sure to include a solution to their problem.

  • Your brother didn't want to play with you, now he does.  Compare how you feel now with how you felt before.


  • What size fish would you rather be--big enough to scare other fish, or small enough to hide and be safe?  Explain your choice.

  • Is this statement true or false:  You have to be big to be smart.  Explain your answer.

  • Think of a time when you wanted to do something that you couldn't do alone.  What did you do?

  • If you were Swimmy, how would you persuade the other fish to follow your plan?

  • Write a short story about a fish that wants to learn to fly.  Describe the fish and its movements.

The World's Plants Are in Danger

  • Do you think flowers are important to people? Why or why not?  How do flowers make people feel?

  • What things in nature do you like to look at?  Rivers, mountains, trees? Describe one.

  • Write a poem about the way you feel when you see, touch, and smell beautiful flowers.

  • How would you feel if you woke up one day and there were no more flowers on Earth?

  • Name some ways we could protect our flowers.

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