SS Unit 1 Scramble

Directions: Unscramble each vocabulary word below.


1) wont
(Definition: a small community with fewer people than a city or a suburb)

2) ouetr
(Definition: the way a person goes from one place to another)

3) uubbsr
(Definition: a community just outside of a city)

4) iytc
(Definition: a very large community)

5) boeshigrn
(Definition: people who leave near one another in a neighborhood)

6) rtpriansaontot
(Definition: a way of moving people from place to place)

7) slrdeacan
(Definition: special charts that show the months of the year)

8) ooerdbihgnoh
(Definition: a place where people live, work, and play)

9) tiommynuc
(Definition: a place that has many neighborhoods)