SS Unit 3 Scramble

Directions: Unscramble each vocabulary word below.


1) endse
(Definition: things we must have to live)

2) oracyft
(Definition: a large building where things are made)

3) oodsg
(Definition: things that are made or grown and then sold)

4) bghp arar
(Definition: a graph that uses colored bars to show numbers of things)

5) xaets
(Definition: money that people in a community pay for services)

6) iseevsrc
(Definition: jobs that workers do for others)

7) tsnaw
(Definition: things we would like to have but can live without)

8) lerstvueon
(Definition: people who work without pay because they want to help others)

9) hoprictagp
(Definition: a graph that uses pictures to show numbers of things)