SS Unit 5 Word Search

Directions: Unscramble each vocabulary word below.


1) dmaigra
(Definition: a drawing that shows the parts of something)

2) nrieosep
(Definition: people who lead the way into a land not known to them)

3) enPedtsri
(Definition: the most important leader in our country)

4) tltesers
(Definition: people who came from other countries to live in America)

5) stroyih
(Definition: the story of the past)

6) ilgvslae
(Definition: a community that is smaller than a town)

7) osJtmnaew
(Definition: the first lasting English settlement in America)

8) daIsinn
(Definition: the first people to live in America)

9) esmuum
(Definition: a place where people can go to see intereting things)

10) coslneio
(Definition: a place that must follow the laws of another country)

11) tsettelemn
(Definition: a small community built by settlers)