SS Unit 6 Study Guide


1) White House: where the President lives and works

2) Capitol building: where the members of Congress work

3) Congress: people each state vote for to make our country's laws

4) monuments: built to honor a person or something that happened

5) George Washington: the First President of our country

6) Abraham Lincoln: the 16th President who freed the slaves

7) Statue of Liberty: New York symbol of being free

8) Gateway Arch: St. Louis monument for pioneers who traveled west

9) Alamo: a fort in San Antonio where the people of Texas once fought to be free from Mexico

10) Christopher Columbus: discovered America

11) Benjamin Franklin: started the first library & first volunteer fire department in America

12) Harriet Tubman: a slave who helped many other African Americans find their way to freedom

13) Susan B. Anthony: worked hard to change the law so that women could vote

14) holiday: a special day

15) Memorial Day: honors people who gave their lives for our country

16) Independence Day: our country's birthday

17) Labor Day: honor all the people who work in our country

18) Thanksgiving Day: started by the Pilgrims to give thanks for their new home

19) time line: shows the order in which things happen

20) American flag: a symbol of our country