Unit 1:  What's New

Unit 2: Just Between Us

Ann's First Day

Lemonade for Sale
Henry & Mudge
  • Commands

  • Exclamations

  • End Marks

A Letter to Amy
Luka's Quilt
  • Subjects

  • Letter Greeting & Closing

Best Friends Club
Roundup at Rio Ranch
  • Predicates

  • Commas (dates, cities & states)

Jamaica Tag-Along
  • Possessive Nouns


A New Museum
  • Combining Sentences

  • Quotation Marks

Sharks Under Attack
  • Plurals & Possessives

Unit 3: Express Yourself

Unit 4: Look Around

Arthur Writes a Story Charlie Anderson
Best Wishes, Ed Fernando's Gift
  • Helping Verbs

  • Quotation Marks

The Pony Express Best Vacation Ever
  • Go-Went, Do-Did

  • See-Saw, Say-Said

  • Greeting, Closing, Date

Nine-In-One, Grr!, Grr!
  • Have-Has-Had

  • Book Titles

Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats
  • Come-Came, Run-Ran

  • Give-Gave, Sing-Sang

  • Book Titles

Change for the Quarter
  • Sentence Combining

Going Batty for Bats


Unit 5: Figure It Out

Unit 6: Starting Now

Bremen Town Musicians Officer Buckle & Gloria
Our Soccer League Tomas & the Library Lady
  • Articles

  • Names & Titles

Wednesday Surprise
  • Possessive Pronouns

  • Proper Nouns

Princess Pooh
  • Adjectives that Compare

  • Apostrophe

Fossils Tell of Long Ago
  • Pronoun-Verb Agreement

  • Book Titles

Are You a Fossil Fan? The World's Plants Are in Danger


Daily Buzzword

Info Please Daily Almanac

Idiom a Day

Schoolhouse Rock Song Lyrics

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