Making Words Directions



1.  Print a copy of the Making Words Game Card and the Letter Tiles.  Cut the letter tiles on the lines.

2.  Pick out the letters needed for the lesson you are doing.

3.  Place your letter tiles in the box at the top of the game card.  Arrange the letters to see how many 2, 3, 4, or 5 letter or even longer words you can  make.  Write the words in the correct column.  When you finish, use all the letters to make the "mystery word."

4.  If you need a hint to figure out the "mystery word" click here.  When you think you have the correct "mystery" word, click here to check your answer.

5.   You may cut the words out and sort or group them by beginning or ending sounds or spelling patterns.

6.  Try to do as many of the lessons as you can.



Making Words