Webquest Adventures


Are you interested in "digging up bones?" 

Webquest bones, that is! 

If so, check out these webquest links.  Happy digging!

An Insect's Perspective

Barnyard Friends

Noah's Ark

Pick a Pet

Can You Make "Cents" of Economics

Create a Zoo

The Wright Brothers

Computer Lab Detectives

Native Americans in the Natural World

Endangered Species

Using Area & Perimeter to Design a Fun House

Simples Machines

What in the World Is a Shape

Indiana Wetlands

Author Cards


In Search of Stellaluna's Family

Dinosaur Tracking

A Search for Mixed-Up Letters

Big Wide World

The World of Puppets

In Search of Stellaluna

Aesop's Fables

Seed Socks

Be a Web Site Sleuth

Dirty Day

Butterfly Family Reunion

Monarch Butterflies

Cinco de Mayo

Creepy, Crawly, Squirmy Worms

Come Fly with Me

A Day in the Life of an Insect

Dinosaur Webquest

Flags of the World

Down on the Farm

Wolves:  Good or Bad?

Lead a Summer Safari

An Aquatic Adventure

Penguin Research

Arthur's Tooth

Planetary Postcard

Australian Animals

A Quest for Respect for the Grouchy Ladybug

Betz's Pet Shop

Shipwreck Island Adventure

Botany Quest

Who Needs a Fairy Godmother Anyway?

Cracking Dams

Exploring Native Americans


Pilgrim Life Adventures

Rainforest Vacations?

Winter Celebrations

Animals of the Tropical Rainforest
Frightened Franklin in the Forest Apples
If We Build It, Will They Stay? Me? Raise a Bat?
Trash into Cash I Spy...Planets in the Sky
Watch Out for That Volcano! Wild About Flowers
Creepy Crawlies Frog Frenzy
We Need More Space! Sea Animals
Are Shamu and His Friends in Danger? Wonderful Worms
Something to Be Crabby About Jaws
Bb Is for Birds Lions, Tigers, and Bears
What Goes Up Must Come Down (water cycle) Grr, Roar, Hiss
Dinosaurs Dino Detectives
Plants Plants
Weather Watchers What Is Matter?
Crabby No More! Dinosaurs
Froggy Frenzy Severe Weather
Bats Exploring Fossils
The Solar System Zoo Animals
Color Kapers Snake Book
Down on the Farm Police Officer
When Is a Cow More than a Cow? Howdy Y'all
Life Long Ago (Pilgrims & Indians) Early American Heroes
Going on a Trip Let's Celebrate Hannukah!
Down on the Farm Mysterious Bermuda Triangle
Goods, Services, and Scarcity Fiesta
Yummy, Healthy Foods Brush Up on Your Teeth
123 Count with Me Frog or Toad
Alphabet Express Author Study
Let's Go to the Rodeo Let's Go to the Rodeo!!!
Missing Animals Arthur
Sci-Fi Reading Compare and Contrast
Must Stories Have a Moral? Are You Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?
Which Cinderella? Fairy Tales:  Twice Upon a Time
Fairy Tales A Dog's Life
The Three Little Pigs Batty Neighbors
Food Groups Nutrition and the Food Pyramid
Rainforests Journey Back in Time
What Is a Healthy Body? Growing Healthy Plants
Where Does Our Food Come From? The Very Busy Butterfly
Leaf Me Alone Creatures of the Forest
Making My Planet Coral Reef Ecosystem
Quilt Skyline Money Making Venture
Supply Store Habitats
Classroom Weather Station Curbs Violence Mighty M&M Math
For the Love of Chocolate Cinderella, Cinderella, Cinderella
Farmer Brown's Backwards Farm Little Red Riding Hood
A Quest for Respect with the Grouchy Ladybug Fan Letter
A Bear Hunt Backyard Bugs
Betz' Pet Shop A Bluebird Quest
Butterflies The Animals Are Lost
Animals of the Tropical Rainforest Arthur's Tooth
Caterpillar Confusion Cloud Quest
Clouds Deserts
Dinoquest Dinosaur Days
Down by the Bay Endangered Species
Energy & Matter Exploring Butterflies
Fire! Fire! Farmer Fred's Frantic Farm
Treasure Map Quest Author Expert

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