Alan Lott Outstanding Character Award



About Alan

The Alan Lott Outstanding Character Award is given at Scottsboro High School each year to a freshman who meets the following qualifications:
  • Has strong moral character

  • Is kind and respectful to others

  • Maintains excellent grades

  • Is respected by the principal, teachers, and students

  • Exhibits inner strength and endurance

  • Is responsible, sets personal goals, and works to achieve them

In May 2008 an additional award along with a scholarship was given to a member of Alan's graduating class based on teacher recommendation and an essay entitled, "What it Means to be a Friend."

Special thanks goes to everyone who contributed to the scholarship fund, and to Emily Thompson and the Scottsboro High School track and cross-country teams for sponsoring the "Alan Lott Walk/Run of Courage" for three years to raise money for the fund in Alan's memory.