KOALA - Kids Outreach ~ the Alan Lott Alliance

You might be wondering......


Why are we called KOALA?

Alan loved to collect things from the time he was very young. Some of his collections were toy cars and trucks, plastic dinosaurs, action figures, and playing cards. But his most beloved collection was his stuffed koalas, over 30 in total. He received his first and favorite one for Christmas when he was seven years old and it was simply named "Koala." The others had more interesting names such as "Quantis" and "Pudgy Muncher." Over the next couple of years he gathered all his fuzzy friends into a couple of pillow cases and took them to the hospital on his many trips to his home-away-from-home. It becomes necessary, it seems, that teenagers outgrow their toys. Even so, Alan still had a special place in his heart for his collection, especially his beloved Koala.

So, it seems fitting that in memory of Alan and in honor of the little animal that cheered him up so many times, we set out to spread some cheer to children who are hurting. Oh, and let's get one thing cleared up. "A koala is not a bear. It's a marsupial!" Many who knew Alan will recall that when he was little he said that to anyone who called a koala a koala bear! A marsupial is any animal that carries its baby in a pouch, by the way.

All artwork was drawn by Alan.