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Site Founded 05/18/02

Welcome to Scooby_Dood's Neopets Tips, the most comprehensive NP Tips Site on the 'net! We have games, tips, links, Pet Preview Machine, and more!

It's no wonder SDNT has so many loyal fans! Here are some of the features you can only find at SDNT:

FlashButtons.com Guide
Guide to Avoiding Scammers
Pet Preview Machine <-- Must See! --<
Pre-Made Guild Layouts
Backstage Pass
Hidden Link:
Medieval Battledome

Update - I've updated my Pirate Cave. It was way too easy before. Try it out!

New! Check out lil_miss_baby_bear's Dice Escape Guide. Link in the Tips & Tricks section!

New Tips! - I've added some handy Attack of the Slorgs tips to the site!

Special Features

It lets you zoom around to your favorite spots in Neopia without the hassle of following multiple links. All while getting live updates from SDNT, too! Check it out!

Backstage Pass
See all your favorite Neopian bands without ever visiting the Ticket Booth! Check it out!

Pet Preview Machine <-- Must See! --<
You can now preview any pet in any color! Wondering if your favorite pet will ever come out in your favorite color? Find out here!

Pre-Made Guild Layouts
Yes, it's finally here - the pre-made guild layout! No HTML experience required! And best of all - it's FREE!


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