Benjamin Methvin

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    BENJAMIN METHVIN moved to Sumpter County and settled on the stage line running from Oglethorpe to Americus on Sweetwater Creek. There he reared a family of four sons and three daughters. He died in 1853 and is buried at Braswells Cemetary near Andersonville, Ga. His children were Jasper, Ben, Joseph, William, Sarah Jane, Margaret and Puss. Jasper married Elmira Braswell and went to Mississippi, where he reared a large family of children. He accumulated considerable property and died just before the Civil War. His descendents live in Miss. as far as I know. Ben Methvin married and raised a family of sons and daughters. He settled some ten miles northeast of Americus where he accumulated considerable real estate. He engaged in the sawmill and lumber business and merchandise and was connected with the Banks of Americus. He died at Americus on 1929 and is buried at Americus. His children and grandchildren live in Sumpter County. Joseph was killed at Petersburg, Va. June 1864. William was accidently killed by being run over by a logcart and crushed to death. The three daughters married and raised families. They died many years ago and their children live in Sumpter County.  (According to the John F. Methvin Family History).



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