Hurricane Valley where the Levi Methvin Family lived.

These photos are taken from the Bragg Cemetery where Levi is buried.

BraggEast.jpg (34836 bytes)BraggEast2.jpg (38151 bytes)

These top views are facing east from Bragg Cemetery.  The mountains are probably about 1 mile away.

braggne.jpg (35700 bytes)BraggNortheast.jpg (35056 bytes)

These views are going northeast.  Those far mountains on the 2nd photo are probably in lower Tennessee.

braggse.jpg (39137 bytes) BraggSouth.jpg (33056 bytes)

Photo showing southeast. 2nd south view.  As you can see, the south side has no mountains. This is the way into the valley.

braggsw.jpg (36938 bytes)BraggWest.jpg (29056 bytes)

Southwest view and west view. Mountains about 1/2 mile away. 

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