Cottie Methvin

"Cottie Methvin, my father, was born in Baldwin County, Ga. April l0, 1805. He married Martha Ann Drake (April 19, 1818-July 4, 1899) of Louisville, Jefferson County, Ga. in 1831. He moved to Fayette Co. Ga. and settled near English's Mill, now Star's Mill. He resided there for several years and moved over into Coweta County, near Ringbone, now Keadron. He raised a family of ten children, seven sons and three daughters namely, George Ann, Russell, Thomas W., Lorenzo, Mary, Richard R., John F. (my name), William L., Eliza, and Cottie D. George Ann, Lorenzo, and Mary died in 1844. In the fall of 1851, father moved to Sumpter County, Ga. Eliza and Cottie D. were born there. In September 1857 Russell died and is buried at the Braswell Cemetery near Andersonville, Ga. In the winter of 1857 father moved back to Coweta County, Ga. and settled on then Gordon Road five miles southeast of Newnan, Ga. He resided there until 1872 and moved to Senoia and resided there until his death which occurred on the 7th day of February 1885, and is buried in the cemetery at Senoia. My mother, Martha Ann Methvin was born April 19, 1818 and died the 4th of July of 1899, and is buried by the side of father in the cemetery at Senoia.


            1840 Coweta County, Georgia  page 337  Cathy Methain   3 males under 5, 1 male 30-40; 1 female 5-10, 1 female 15-20

1850 Coweta County, Georgia  19th District  page 367
1196   Cotton Melvin 45  M Farmer Ga
Martha A. 30  F   Ga
Riley R. 15  M Student Ga
Thos. W. 10  M   Ga
Richard R. 5  M   Ga
John F. 2  M   Ga
Wm. L. 1  M   Ga
1197   Rebecca Drake 51  F   Ga
Mary C. 24  F   Ga
Wm. E. 22  M Farmer Ga
1198   Thos. Drake 27  M   Ga
Tabitha E. 22  F   SC
Wm W. 2  M   Ga
James C. 1  M   Ga
John T.   5/12   M   Ga
James Walker 16  M   Ga

In the 1850 census, Cottie and family was living next door to his wife's mother and her family.

1860  Coweta County, Georgia   2nd district,  Newnan   page 715
346 302   Cottin Methvin 54  M Farmer   930 Ga
Martha 33  F   Ga
Thomas W. 20  sM   Ga
Richard R. 14  M   Ga
John F. 13  M   Ga
William   L. 10  M   Ga
Eliza B. 7  F   Ga
Cottie 4  M   Ga
Margaret A. 18  F.   Ga


1870 Meriwether County, Ga. page 361 Rocky Mount
45 Methvin, Cottie 64 M W Farmer 1500   300 Georgia
Martha 51 F W Keeping House Georgia
Eliza 16 F W   Georgia
Cottie 13 M W Farm Hand Georgia
46 Bailey, Edward 40 M W Farmer Georgia
Mary C. 40 F W Keeping House Georgia
Drake Rebecca 80 F W Ast. " " Georgia
Mary 6 F B House Servant Georgia


1880 Coweta County, Georgia  Senoia page 463C
57 Methvin, Cottie W M 75 Married Retired Farmer Ga  De   De
Martha A. W  F   61 Wife married Keeping House Ga  Ga   Ga
Cottie D. W  M   21 Son single Store Clerk Ga  Ga   Ga
Sarah J. W  F   17 Niece single Boarder Ga  Ga   Ga



1) GEORGE ANN METHVIN died in 1844

2) RUSSELL METHVIN died Sept. 1857

3) THOMAS W. METHVIN married Mary Wright of Coweta Co., in December 1865, and settled at Senoia, Ga., reared a family of four children, one son and three daughters, Daniel R., Ella, Laura and Lucy. Daniel R. lives at Anniston, Al., has a wife and six children, three sons and three daughters. Laura and Lucy died several years ago. (Laura married Early J. Oglertree on 12/23/1891, Lucy married C.E. Dearman on 12/28/1897) Laura left a family of several children. Ella D. married D.Q. Vining (6/8/1893) and resides at Manchester, Meriwether County. In 1884 brother Thomas' first wife died and he married a second wife, Ophelia J. Peek (12/l/1885) of Turin, Ga. By this union he reared a family of four children, three sons and one daughter, Nix, Clarence, Henry and Cathleen. Nix married and has two children, son and daughter, and resides in Decatur, Dekalb Co., Ga. Clarence lives in Birmingham, Al. and has a wife and several children. Henry was accidently killed at Manchester, Meriwether Co., Ga., and left a wife and one child, a daughter. Cathleen Methvin married Nixon Arnall of Senoia Ga., she now resides in New Orleans, La., has no children.

Thomas William was born in Fayette County, Georgia on August 4, 1839. He was a farmer and postmaster.  He married Mary Evie Wright (December 11, 1848 Coweta County, Georgia-November 1, 1884) on February 13, 1866.  They had four children before her death.


1870 Coweta County, Georgia, Senoia  page 2962

257 Methvin, Thos W.

30 M W Farmer 7000 Georgia
Mary E. 20 F W Keeping House Georgia
Daniel 2 M W At Home Georgia


1880 Coweta County, Georgia,  Senoia page 462B
47 Methvin, Thomas W. W  M   41 Married Postmaster Ga  De   Ga
Mary E. W  F   32 Wife Married Keeping House Ga  Ga   Ga
Dan W  M   12 Son Single Farm Worker Ga  Ga   Ga
Ella W  F   9 Daughter Single   Ga  Ga   Ga
Laura W  F   6 Daughter Single   Ga  Ga   Ga
Lucy W  F   4 Daughter Single   Ga  Ga   Ga


1910 Coweta County Georgia,  Senoia
Mathvin T.W. husband August 1839 60 Ga
Ophelia wife November 1853 46 Ga
Nix son August 1886 13 Ga
Clarence son January 1888 12 Ga
E.C. daughter November 1889 10 Ga
H.C. son July 1891 8 Ga

    (a) Daniel Richard Methvin, born February 12, 1868 in Senoia, Georgia.  His wife was Kitty DeArman, married December 27, 1894.  They were living in Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama in 1920.  He was listed as age 51 born Georgia, wife Kittie D. age 46 born Alabama, son Roy R. age 18, Paul H. age 16 and daughter Kittie R age 10.  Another son, Leon age 20 was also living in Anniston with wife Lily age 19, son Cliff age 1 11/12 and Nellie L age 3/12.

    (b) Ella D. Methvin, born September 21, 1870 in Senoia, Georgia.  She married Daniel Quincy Vining June 8, 1893 and resided at Manchester, Meriwether County, Georgia.

    (c) Laura Methvin, born August 16, 1873 in Senoia, married Earl J. Ogletree on December 23, 1891.

    (d) Lucy Methvin born Jan 31, 1876, married C.E. DeArman on December 28, 1897

After Mary's death, Thomas married Ophelia J. Peek of Turin, Georgia and they had 4 children.     

    (f) Nix Methvin, born August 27, 1886, married Eva Venable Bagwell on December 24, 1922.  They had one son and daughter and lived in Decatur, Georgia.

    (g) Clarence Methvin born January 4, 1888 in Senoia, Georgia. He married  Neva Leslie McIntire born September 4, 1895 in Rome Georgia. They had 7 children and lived in Birmingham, Alabama. Clarence owned and worked at Clarence Methvin Auto Top Company.    Clarence died July 5th, 1952 in Birmingham.  Their children were 1) Thomas (February  27, 1917-1940), who had Thomas Jr (Reid) and Mack.  Thomas Jr.   and wife Rose had Thomas Reid Methvin III, who lives in Louisiana. 2) Clarence   born February 22, 1919,  3)  Lee Bernard born February 5, 1921,  4) Cecil Gaines born May 20, 1923,  5) Leslie David born April 1925,  6) Howard Henry born July 1932,  7) Kathleen born February 7, 1935.                                                                         

    (h)  Cathleen Methvin born November, 1889, married Nixon Arnall of Senoia, Georgia on January 11, 1910 and moved to New Orleans.  They had no children.

    (i)  Henry Clay Methvin, born July 1891, married Lily Mae Griffith, February 28, 1917.  He was accidently killed at Manchester, Meriwether County, Georgia, leaving a wife and child.


4) LORENZO METHVIN died in 1844.

5) MARY METHVIN died in 1844.

6) RICHARD R. METHVIN married Elizabeth Hendrix of Coweta County in 1867, reared a family of five sons and three daughters; namely, George A., Lodie, Lemuel C., Mattie Lou, Lelia, Frank R. Walter J., and Wilbur E. (one son Charlie R. died at the age of five years). He moved to Clebourn Co. Al., entered into the merchantile business and established a post office in a rural area which was known as Methvin, Ala. Several years later he moved to Trade, Cullman County, Ala., a few years later he moved to Bear Creek, Marion County, Ala., where he engaged in the general merchandise business until just a few years before he died. After retiring from the mercantile business he moved to Leoma, Lawrence Co. Tenn., and resided there until he died which was in March of 1921. He left his wife and eight children surviving, his wife resided in Leana, Tenn. until a year or so before she died at which time she moved to Haleyville, Winston Co., Ala. She died there on the 27th day of January 1936 at the age of 91 years.
    a) GEORGE A. METHVIN married Candice Hyatt in the early ninties and reared a family of six children, namely, Hugh, Arthur, Vera, Carl, Ruth and Ruby. Hugh, Vera and Ruby reside at Leoma, Tn., Arthur at Nashville, Tn., Carl at Shelbyville, Tn., Ruth at Louisville, Ky.
    b) LODIE METHVIN, married Charlie R. Bird in Clebourn Co. Al. in the 1890's and reared a family of five children; namely, Eva, Ethel, Olin, Mattie Lou and Flora. Eva, Ethel and Flora reside in Miami, Fla., Olin at Birmingham, Al., Mattie Lou in Atlanta, Ga.
    c) LEMUEL C. METHVIN married Ora Handley and reared a family of seven children namely; Rosa, Harmon, Velma, Hilliard, Margie, Charlie, and Virginia. Rose resides at Leoma, Tn., Harmon at Lubbock Tx., Velma Memphis, Tn., Hilliard and Virginia in Lawrenceburg, Tn., Margie at Summertown, Tn., Charlie in Texas.
    d) MATTIE IOU METHVIN married Robert F. Jackson in Clebourn Co., Al., and reared one child, Theo, who now resides in Haleyville, Ala.
    e) LELIA METHVIN married Lenard Thomas in Clebourn Co. Al., and reared a family of ten children; namely, Essie, Elizabeth, Clyde, Eunice, Lucille, Wynell, Iva Sue, Russell, James and Wilbue E. Essie, Clyde, Russell, James and Wilbur E. all reside at Leoma, Tn., Wynell and Iva Sue at Loretto, Tn, Elizabeth and Eunice at Lawrenceburg, Tn., Lucille at Toledo, Ohio.
    f) FRANK R. METHVIN married Victoria Boon in Cullman Co., Al., and reared a large family of sons and daughters, the names and addresses of all I do not remember, some in Calif, some in Ohio, Oklahoma, Ark. and Missouri.
    g) WALTER J. METHVIN married Plura Moore at Bear Creek, Marion Co. Ala., in January 1908 and reared a family of three sons; namely Duell, Dwight, and Cecil. Duell resides in Knoxville, Tn., Dwight and Cecil at Lawrenceburg, Tn.
    h) WILBUR ELAM METHVIN married Hattie Mae Wilson at Bear Creek, Marion County, Al., March 22, 1908. Reared a daughter Hattie Mae, whose mother died five days after her birth. He married again to Florence Keller of Lynn, Ky. November 25th 1914. They divorced January 31st, 1926 and he married Nora Elizabeth Bell North, November 4th 1928 in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.


1880 Coweta County, Ga.  Senoia page 221  Next door to Brother Thomas Methvin
46. Methvin, Richard R M  W   35 married Dry Goods Merchant Ga  De   Ga
Elizabeth F  W   35 wife Married Keeping House Ga  SC   Ga
George M  W   9 Son   Single At   School Ga  Ga   Ga
Emma F  W   7 Daughter Single At   School Ga  Ga   Ga
Lemuel M  W   4 Son   Single   Ga  Ga   Ga
Mattie F  W   3 Daughter Single   Ga  Ga   Ga
Lilla F  W   1 Daughter Single   Ga  Ga   Ga
Fannie F  W   16 Cousin   Single Boarder Ga  Ga   Al



7) JOHN F. METHVIN the author of this history discussed later. John F Methvin      John F. Methvin Civil War Story

8) WILLIAM L. METHVIN married Clementine Tidwell of Meriwether Co., Ga., and reared a family of four daughters. He moved to Birmingham, Al. in 1890. He died there in 1927, three of his daughters and their families live in Birmingham, One daughter married C.L. Passmore lives in Little Rock, Ark.    In the 1870 Meriwether County Ga. census, William and family were living in Rocky Mount.  William was listed as a 22 year old farmer from Georgia, wife Clementine age 26, daughter Martha age 2 and son Russell age 1.  Russell apparently died prior to 1880. 

1880 Meriwether County, Georgia
Methvin, Wm.   W  M 30 Georgia
Clemintine Wife W  F 34 Georgia
Martha A. Daughter W  F 11 Georgia
Alice Daughter W  F 8 Georgia
Mary J. Daughter W  F 3 Georgia
Palinda Daughter W  F 2 Georgia
Tidwell, Martha Mother In Law W  F 65 Virginia

9) Sister ELIZA METHVIN married W.J. Perdue of Meriwether County, reared a family of five sons and three daughters. Her husband died August 9, 1891, and his wife and children moved to Cullman County, Alabama. The children married off and have families and all reside in Cullman, so far as I know. Sister Eliza died in Cullman in June 1931. Age 78.

1880 Georgia, Coweta County, Senoia.  Next door to father Cottie.
56. Perdue,   William J M  W   25 Married Laborer Ga  Oh   Ga
Eliza A. F  W   24 Wife Married Keeping House Ga  Ga   Ga
Luther H. M  W   5 Son Single   Ga  Ga   Ga
Linsey L. F  W   2 Son Single   Ga  Ga   Ga

10) COTTON D. METHVIN went from Senoia, Ga. to Blount County, Ala. married and reared a family of four sons and one daughter. His wife died and all his children married off and reside in Cullman County, except one son, who resides in Akron, Ohio and is single. He lives among his children and is now seventy seven years of age. "



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