James Shelton Methvin

  James Shelton Methvin, (February 8, 1795 Virginia-March 15, 1883 Grayson County, Texas) was the oldest son of Levi Methvin and his first wife. He married Hannah Woodward or Woodard (December 18, 1800-April 1, 1893) of Tennessee. He was a Justice of the Peace in Madison County and is mentioned in several records of Madison County. He also bought all the land from his siblings that his father left after his death, and sold them before he left Alabama. He moved his family to Fannin County, Texas in 1858 and soon after to Grayson County, Texas. He was a farmer and a Baptist. He and wife Hannah are buried in the Ethel Cemetery in Grayson County, Texas.

    They had nine children, (John, Betsie, Ruthie, Levi, Martha, Joseph, Aaron, Alfred and Albert), all five sons fought and three of them died in the Civil War. The pain this family must have felt in losing three sons in the war must have been horrible.

    In the Souvenir of Texas, James Methvin was described in the following way, "He moved with his family in the fall of 1858, stopping first in Fannin and afterward settling in Grayson County, and was for years an influential and highly respected citizen of the county of his adoption. He was a quiet farmer, never having aspired to anything like public life and never filling any position higher than that of justice of his precinct--this while living in Alabama. He was long a conspicuous member of the Baptist church, and noted for his piety and generosity to all deserving objects of charity. He died at his old home in Grayson county in 1882, having passed the eighty-eighth anniversary of his birth."

1830 Madison County, Alabama James Melvin 2 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 30-40, 1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 30-40

1840 Madison County, Alabama James Methvin 2 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 30-40

1850 Madison County, Alabama, District 34, page 340
147    Methvin, J.S. 55 M Farmer   5,000 Va.
Hannah 49 F   Tn
Martha 16 F   Ala
James 11 M   Ala
Aaron 8 M   Ala
Albert 8 M   Ala
Pilant, George 19 M   Ala


1860 Fannin County, Texas, Honey Grove,   page 228
650-664 J.S. Methvin 66 M Farmer    300 Va
H. 60 F   Tn
Aaron W. 21 M   Ala
Alfred 20 M   Ala
Albert 20 M   Ala

(Next door, son James 23 was living with and doing farm labor for the Bledsoe family) (Hannah's brother's family was also living close by hh 638 652, W. Woodward 53 male farmer Ky, R. Woodward 59 female SC, John 30 male Ala, Ellis J. 28 female Ala, Hannah 26 female Ala, Lucinda 24 female Ala, Rachel 20 female Ala, James 16 male Ala, Jane McKee 71 female NC)

1870 Grayson County, Texas,  McComb, Texas, Pct.2
J. Methvin 76 Va
? Tn


1880 Grayson County, Texas, Pct 5.  page 294
133   Methvin, James 85 M W Farmer

Va  Md  Va

H. 72 F W Keeping House Tn   Tn  Tn



The Children of James Shelton and Hannah Woodard Methvin

    1) John Woodrow Methvin (born 1827), married Corasandra Nowlin on March 17, 1847, in Madison County, Alabama. She was the daughter of John and Nancy Dixon Nowlin. John Nowlin, born 1795 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia , moved to Halifax County, Virginia, where he married Nancy Dixon in 1823. They moved then to Madison County, Alabama and later still to Marengo County, Alabama, where he died on July 29, 1839. He was a physician and farmer. His wife, Nancy (1795-1862) was the daughter of Thomas Dickson of Halifax County, Virginia. John and Corasandra (Cora) petitioned the judge in Madison County, Alabama on May 10, 1847, stating that Nancy was now insane and needed a guardian. She was declared to be mentally incapable and on September 4, 1848, John sells her land. By 1850, the family had moved to Carrollton, in Carroll County, Arkansas. Mother-in law, Nancy Nowlin was living with John and Cora and new baby, Alonzo.

1850 Carroll County, Arkansas, Carrollton, page 123
31 John Methvin 25 M Farmer Ala
Cora 18 F   Ala
Alonzo 8/12 M   Ark
Nancy Nowlin 54 F   Va

    The family moves soon after the 1850 census to Marion County, Arkansas in the Yellville township, where John serves as County Clerk of Marion County from 1852 until he joined the Confederate Army in 1862. By 1860, John and Cora had all four of their children Alonzo, Josephine, Hannah and James.

1860 Marion County, Arkansas, Yellville, page 534
24   J.W. Methvin 33 M W Clerk C Court 170 Ala
Cora 29 F W     Ala
Alonzo 11 M W     Ark
Josephine 9 F W     Ark
Hannah 6 F W     Ark
James 1 M W     Ark
Mary McRae 14 F W     Ala

Just a few houses down lived Cora's brother Thomas Nowlin's family. Thomas Nowlin 34 Farmer born Ala., Elis. 34 South Carolina, Clement C. 8 Missouri, Susan 6 Missouri, Nancy 1 Missouri. Also John's Aunt, Rhoda Merriman lived in that area.

    John Methvin enlisted in the Confederate Army on June 30, 1862 in Yellville as a 1st Leut. He was a member of the 27th Arkansas Confederate Infantry. After Major Clifford was fired, Lieutenant Methvin was promoted to Major. According to Silas Turnbo in his History of the Twenty-Seventh Arkansas Infantry, "Methvin was a much respected citizen before the war times and the soldiers held him in great esteem as an officer in the regiment. I think Shaler (Major Jim Shaler) would rather had some other officer more to his liking given the rank of major than Methvin for he could not take Methvin by the nose and pull him around like he could a few of the other officers. I suppose he thought it necessary to have one officer at regimental headquarters at least that the privates had due respect for..." On October 10, 1862, not being able to ride due to disease, Major Methvin was headed for Yellville in a hack, but was captured by the Federal Army, the 14th Missouri Cavalry under Major John Wilber, a few days later and was sent to prison at Rolla, Missouri. He died on December 8, 1862 and is buried in the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri, grave number 4861.

    By 1870, Cora Methvin was still living in Marion, at Union Township of Yellville, with son James. She is listed in the 1870 census as age 39, and James as 17. She then marries John Keeter and in the 1880 census of Marion County, Arkansas, they are listed as John M. Keeter age 50 farmer born North Carolina, and Cora age 48, wife born Alabama. She died in 1918 and is buried in Murray County, Oklahoma.

    A)   Alonzo Deen Methvin was born October 8, 1849 in Carroll County, Arkansas. He married Elizabeth Ann Wann on December 23, 1866 in Jackson County, Arkansas, and had the following children: (1) Emma Hester Methvin (Oct 17, 1867, Jackson County, Arkansas- July 21, 1941, Texas). She married General Rafe Bates on December 1, 1881 in Scott County, Arkansas and had 10 children:     (a) Nancy Bates born about 1883  in Huntington, Sebastion County, Arkansas and died about 1884       (b) Lou Ella Bates (August 15, 1885 Huntington, Arkansas-November 17, 1949 Abilene, Taylor County, Texas) married Ernest Burns about 1900 in Thurber, Erath County, Texas.      (c) Candie Bernice Bates (March 1, 1887 Huntington County, Arkansas-October 5, 1958, Hamlin, Jones County, Texas) married James Robert Bull (March 19, 1884, Eastland County, Texas-July 6, 1961, Hamlin, Jones County, Texas) on August 21, 1904 at Mingus, Palo Pinto County, Texas.,      (d) Benjamin Franklin Bates (March 10, 1889 Sebastian County, Arkansas-October 20, 1921 in Hamlin, Texas) married Millie Stella Brewer on September 20, 1911 in Erath County, Texas.,     (e) Effie Mae Bates (September 2, 1891 Sebastian County, Arkansas- April 17, 1958 Oklahoma City, Cleveland County, Oklahoma) married Sullivan Ross Camfield (December 4, 1888 Clifton, Bosque County, Texas-January 17, 1947 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) on May 15, 1911 at Palo Pinto County, Texas.,       (f)  William Lawrence Bates (March 15, 1894, Sebastian County, Arkansas- June 14, 1974, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California) married Minnie Ethel Peach (January 27, 1894  Palo Pinto County, Texas- July 1983, Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas) on August 23, 1912 in Palo Pinto County, Texas.      (g) Ivy Ann Bates (July 24, 1897, Texas-October 13, 1997 El Paso, El Paso County, Texas) married William Norman Weatherby (May 19, 1894 Texas-July 1987 Ruidoso Downs, Lincoln County, New Mexico) on October 24, 1915 in Texas.,      (h) Bertie Bates (August 30, 1900, Texas- November 11, 1979 Abilene, Taylor County, Texas) married Elijah Monroe Little (March 5, 1896 Eastland County, Texas- August 1969, Abilene, Texas) on March 31,  1920 in Eastland County, Texas.         (i) her twin  Mertie Bates (August 30, 1900 Texas- May 18, 1993 El Paso, Texas) married Ben Westley Weatherby ( April 6, 1898 Texas- November 1964) on July 16, 1919 in Eastland County, Texas.       (j)  Esley Maurice "Johnny" Bates ( September 7, 1908 Texas-February 2, 1964, San Bernardino County, California), married Ann Madeline Meyer (March 12, 1914 Abilene, Texas- December 21, 1991 San Bernardino County, California) and had son Benny Maurice Bates (born September 2, 1935) married Barbara Jean Ummel (born February 12, 1939)  on June 25, 1960 and had four children: Brian Maurice Bates {April 5, 1963, married Arleen Casillas (born October 26, 1962) on October 25, 1986 and have 2 children Marissa Kathryn Bates (September 14, 1989 and Daniel Maurice Bates (October 24, 1991)}, Brad Martin Bates {April 14, 1965, married Sharon Laynette Keyhea (born January 5, 1961) on February 4, 1996 and have son Kevin Anthony Courrielche born August 15, 1991}  Beverly Anne Bates { born April 14, 1965, married Michael Andre Marquis, born March 19, 1961 on February 10, 1996 and have 2 children Keegan Andre Marquis born July 1, 1996 and Lilli Annabelle-Blue Marquis, born May 1, 1998}, Brenda Louise Bates born December 23, 1972.    (2) Mollie Methvin (January 4, 1870 Ark- June 5, 1949 California) married Samuel Kelly Wann on January 4, 1889 and had, Nora, James Virgil, Hubert, Edward, Agnes, Samuel Walter, Martha, William Robert, and Elizabeth Armina Wann. (3) John William Methvin (January 4, 1873 Arkansas-May 25, 1949 California) married Della Manning on March 2, 1910 and had Dahlia Dale and John Manning Methvin. (4) Thomas C. Methvin (1875-1893). Alonzo Deen Methvin died in the 1870's and his widow married Samuel Columbus Binning.

B)   Josephine "Jossie" Methvin was born in 1852 in Arkansas. She married John W. Coker, who was the oldest child of William L. and Elizabeth Hudspeth Coker of Marion County, Arkansas. John Coker served as County Sheriff and County Collector, Justice of the Peace and Notary Public in Marion County. Their children were James Randolph born June, 1871, Nancy Belle born 1874, John William born March 1877, Calvin Alonzo born August 1878 , Eliza born June 1882, Edward born December 1884, Arthur born April 1888, Ansel born June 1889, and Garvin Coker born February, 1893.

C)   Hannah Ann Methvin, (March 24, 1855 Marion County, Ark-February 1, 1929 Pontotoc County, Oklahoma), was the third child of John Woodard and Corasandra Nowlin Methvin. She married Nathan Absolom Pyle (March 2, 1852 Polk County, Missouri- October 5, 1945 Seminole County, Oklahoma) on August 18, 1869 in Bruno, Marion County, Arkansas, where most of their 11 children were born. They were (1) Cora Catherine Pyle (February 23, 1871- April 9, 1949 California) married George A. Glenn on March 29, 1896 and had George, Anna Lee and Haskell Darrow (2) Moten Alonzo Pyle born 1876/77 and died young (3) Hannah Elizabeth Pyle (February 14, 1880- May 6, 1946) married John Wilsher and had Josie, Moaette, Fern, Annie, Ivan, Arthur, Serepta, Jaunita, Joseph and Irene (4) Alice Josephine Pyle (February 14, 1880-early 1900's), married General Glenn Roller had one child. (5) Woodard Durant Pyle (October 1, 1881 - April 4, 1961) married Eva Glenn on Oct 31, 1911, and had Raygen, Veneta, Wynnefred, Gladys and Georgia (6) James B. Pyle (February 24, 1885-April 29, 1966 Oklahoma) married Callie Belle Matthews on December 14, 1908 and had Hazel, James, Faye, Woodrow, Ralph, Carl, Lawrence and Lloyd (7) Rosa Bell Pyle (September 11, 1886-October 29, 1948 Oklahoma) married George Washington Mallicoat in August 1904 and had Avie, Victor, Jenette, Chester and Naomi. (8) Elmer Arthur Pyle (February 23, 1889-November 21, 1972) married Julia Vesty Smith on January 2, 1909 and had Indianola, Riley, Muriel, Art, Leon, Velena, Anna M., Mildred, Eulanda and Wanda. (9) Eula Oneda Pyle, born June 30, 1892, married James Samuel Tucker on August 25, 1909 and had Vera, Audie, Leota, James, Almarie, Frances and Edith. (10) Nathan Absolom Pyle Jr., born March 8, 1895 in Oklahoma. (11) Beulah Mae Pyle, born June 23, 1900 in Garvin County, Oklahoma and married Sidney Tucker on June 8, 1919 and had Frances, Alyene, Ella Dean, Edgar, Allen, Donald F., and Linda Joyce.

D.   James Hansford Methvin was born February 8, 1856, Yellville, Arkansas, the last child of John Woodward and Corasandra Methvin. He married his first wife, Sarah Ellen Anglin, the mother of his first 15 children: They were (1) John Woodard Methvin, born October 1875, married Nancy Ella Murry and had Elmer B. in April 1899. (2) Ada Methvin, born 1877, married John Taylor (3) William Walter Methvin (August 15, 1878- June 9, 1934) and married Manda Pyle in 1899. They had Ulis Sampson (born 1900 and married Ruble Tudor); Ernest Gilbert (born 1903 and married Lona Adams), Dolly (born 1905) Lena Iona (born 1908 married Leo Keyes), Woodard Paul (1910-1971, married Lorena Birrer and had June Dale Methvin Woolery, married 2nd Edith Gibson), Lavadda Ruth (born May 9, 1913, married Orville Sanders), Eugene Benson (born 1917, married Thelma Gipson), Alsie Cloe (born 1920 married John Harbor), Willie Leon (born 1922 married Neville Davis) (4) Lillie Bell, born June 1882, married Tom Faulkenberry. (5) Daisy Methvin, born October 1884, married Wayne Adams (6) Hanna Josephine Methvin, born March 1887, married Alfed Taylor (7) Joseph Oliver Methvin, born April, 1889, married Ida Minton (8) Aude Methvin, born March 19, 1891, married Ethel Paralee Taylor (9) Emma Edna Methvin, born June 23, 1893, married Alfred Rice (10) Verna Methvin, born April, 1895, married John England. (11) Ralph Ransey Methvin, born June 3, 1903, married Lela Anderson (12) Flossie Methvin, born March 15, 1905, married Roy Still (13) Floyd Methvin, Flossie's twin, died young. (14) Albert Methvin, died young (15) Another infant died young.

1880 Marion County, Arkansas, Hamptom Twp.
42-45   Methvin, James M. 21 M Head Farmer Ark   Ala  Ala
Sarah E. 20 F Wife   Mo   Ky  Tn
John A.W. 5 M Son   Ark   Ark  Mo
William W. 1 M Son   Ark   Ark  Mo
Angling, Vilette 55 F Mother-in-Law   Tn   Va  Tn


1900 Marion County, Arkansas, Liberty Twp
Methvin, James Head Feb. 1859 41 Ark
Sarah E. Wife Feb. 1860 40 Mo
Lillie B. Daughter June 1882 17 Ark
Daisy M. Daughter Oct. 1884 15 Ark
Anna J Daughter March 1887 13 Ark
Joe O Son April 1889 11 Ark
Audie Son June 1892 8 Ark
Emma E. Daughter June 1893 7 Ark
Verna Daughter April, 1895 5 Ark

    James Hansford Methvin, after the death of Sarah, married his second wife Tiney Maxey in 1906, and had 7 more children. They were (16) Troy Hansford Methvin (February 11, 1907-September 10, 1969) (17) Theron Methvin, born August 25, 1909 (18) Woodrow Wilson Methvin, born December 11, 1913) (19) Nina Idella Methvin, born February 23, 1915, married B.H. Still (20) Ewell Methvin (September 7, 1917-January 23, 1978), married Frances Goodall (21) Erkin Mae Methvin, born January 29, 1919, married Braz Goodall (22) Ruby Dean Methvin, born in 1921, died young.


    2) Betsie A. Methvin Not much is known about the second child of James S. and Hannah Woodward Methvin. She probably died very young in Madison County, Alabama.


    3) Ruthie Methvin was born September 14, 1824 in Jackson County, Alabama. She married Sherrod G. Nowlin (November 8, 1822 Halifax County, Virginia-February 18, 1907 Grayson County, Texas) on August 12, 1841 in Franklin County, Tennessee. He was the son of John and Nancy Dickson Nowlin and was Corasandra Nowlin Methvin's (the wife of John W. Methvin) brother. They moved to Honey Grove in Fannin County, Texas in 1858 and about six years later to Grayson County, Texas. The children were a) Nancy Ann, born about 1843, married Charles Taylor, b) Susan, born about 1845, married Richard Cox, and after his death to Isom W. Welsh c) Carrie E, born about 1848 d) James C, born in 1850 e) Martha J., who married William Welch f) John W. g) Alice, who married James Huffaker h) Ardenie, born about 1863 and i) Bryant Nowlin born about 1865. Ruthie died March 6, 1893 and is buried next to Sherrod in the Ethel Cemetery, near Collinsville, in West Grayson County, Texas.

1850 Madison County, Alabama

215   Nowlin, S.G. 27 M Va
Ruth 25 F Ala
Nancy 7 F Ala
Susan 5 F Ala
Corrie 2 F Ala
James 1/12 M Ala


1880 Garyson County, Texas, Pct 5 page 285

130   Nowlin S.G. M 58 Head Farmer Va   Va  Va
R. F 56 Wife   Al   NC  Ky
C.H. F 30 Daughter   Tx   Va  Al
R.D. F 17 Daughter   Tx   Va  Al
Bryant M 15 Son   Tx   Va  Al
Taylor, M.M. F 14 Granddaughter   Tx   Al  Al
Swanson, Ed M 20 Border   Swed   Swed  Swed


    4)   Levi Thomas Methvin, born about 1829, married Sarah A. Cook on December 4, 1854 in Madison County, and moved to Belton, Bell County, Texas where he was a grocer, hotel and saloon keeper. Levi T. served as a 2nd Lieutenant in Company F of the 6th Texas Volunteer Infantry, which was recruited in Bell County, along with his brothers Albert and Alfred. In his History of the Methvin Family, John F. Methvin described meeting a Methvin family in Bell County, Texas in May of 1882. He stated that it was the family of Thomas Methvin, whose wife was named Sarah. He stated that Thomas had died about 1870. Sarah stated that at his death he left a family of 3 sons and a daughter none of whom were married. He had accumulated several brick stores and built a large hotel on the west side of the courthouse square. Her youngest son was in the drug and jewelry business in Temple, Bell County while the other two sons helped manage the Methvin Hotel. This was partly correct, however there were other children according to the 1880 census. Their children were 1) Eugene P. Methvin born about 1855, 2) Marallis M. (Bud) Methvin born about 1857, and was the 4th fire chief of the fire department which was organized in 1884 3) S.J. Methvin born about 1859, not listed in 1870 4) Medova Methvin a female born about 1860 5) Mary C. or T. Methvin born about 1864, 6) W.Alvin Methvin born about 1870 and 7) J.J. Methvin, a female born about 1875. Levi died about 1878-79.


1850 Madison County, Alabama

187 Methvin, Levi age 20 clerk born in Alabama was living in a Public Inn.


1860 Bell County, Texas - Belton pg. 279

35   L.T. Methvin 31 M Clerk in Store 500   600 Ala
S.A. 27 F     Ala
E.P. 5 M     Tx
M.P. 3 M     Tx
S.J. 9/12 F     Tx


1870 Bell County, Texas - Belton pg 8

105   Methvin, L.T. 41 M Grocer 4000    2000 Ala
Sarah 36 F House   Ala
Eugene 17 M     Tx
Marallis 13 M     Tx
Medova 10 F     Tx
Mary C 6 F     Tx
Cook, W,C. 24 M Carpenter   Ala
Grimes, G.S. 36 M Dept. Dist Clerk   Tn


1880 Bell County, Texas - Belton page 256

86   Methvin, Sarah A. W F 47 Head Hotel Keeper Al   Sc  Tn
E.P. W M 24 Son Saloon Keeper Tx   Al  Al
M.M. W M 22 Son Saloon Keeper Tx   Al  Al
M.T. W F 15 Daughter At School Tx   Al  Al
W. Alvin W M 10 Son At School Tx   Al  Al
J.J. W F 5 Daughter   Tx   Al  Al
Cook, W.C. W M 30 Brother Propt. Hotel Al   Sc  Tn
Long, J.J. W   M 24 Boarder Merchant Ga   Tn  Al
McKnight, M.A. W M 24 Boarder Saloon Keeper Tx   Ire Ire
Levine, Joe W M 22 Boarder Merchant NY   NY  NY
Spencer, Cade W M 24 Boarder Insurance Agent La   Ire  Ire
Elliott, A.O. W M 24 Boarder Clerk in Store Ky   Ky  Ky
Levine, Abraham J. W M 54 Boarder Merchant Russia   Russia  Russia
Harrison, Mrs James W F 52 Boarder Music Teacher La   Ire  Ky
Bradford, O Mu M 35 Servant Cook Miss La  La
Wiggins, Edmond Mu M 33 Servant Hotel Waiter NC   NC  NC
Keys, Bob B M 17 Servant Hotel Waiter Tx   Tn  Tn
Brooks, Wm Matthew Ind M 12 Servant Hotel Waiter Ark   Ark  Cherokee

    According to the History of Bell County, "In the fall of 1877, a subscription was opened by citizens of Belton for stock in the "Belton Telegraph Company" at $25 pershare. On December 20, 1877, the following stockholders met at Geo. W. Tyler's law office in Belton: H.C. Denny, James P. Reed, W.J. Long, L.T. METHVIN and others." This proved that Levi Thomas Methvin died after December 1877 and before 1880.


    5)   Martha Jane Methvin    born about 1836 in Madison County, Alabama married Henderson Pilant January 4, 1851. He was previously married to Harriett Bowles on January 8, 1846 in Madison County. In the 1860 Fannin County, Honey Grove census, they were listed as H. Pilant age 35 farmer, male Alabama, M.J. Pilant 24 female born Alabama, John F. Pilant age 13 born Alabama, Joseph A. Pilant age 6 Alabama, James Pilant age 3 born Alabama, Margaret A. Pilant age 7/12 born in Texas and George Sharp age 35 born Alabama. Therefore, this family must have moved at the same time as Martha Jane's parents around 1858. John F. age 13 was the child of Henderson and Harriett Bowles Pilant and the rest were Henderson and Martha Jane's.


    6)   James R. Methvin   was born in 1836/37 in Madison County, Alabama. He was listed in the 1860 Fannin County, Texas census as living with the Bledsoe family, age 23 doing farm labor. This family lived next to James R.'s parents James S. and Hannah Woodward Methvin. James married Martha (M.C.) Bone in Fannin County in 1867. He enrolled in the 22nd Regiment Texas Cavalry, Company C, R.H. Taylor's Texas Mounted Rifles. He later transferred to the infantry in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. His company was disbanded in May, 1865 in South Texas after they were driven from Newtonia, Missouri to Fort Smith Arkansas. James R. was a druggest and lived in the town of Greenville, Hunt County, Texas, where they moved around 1879. He died on September 19, 1920 at 11:00 a.m. in Celeste, Texas from pulmonary tuberculosis, as testified by his daughter Mrs. W.H. Lamb. Their children according to census and cemetery records were. a) Iona R. Methvin, born about 1868, married T.J. Neeley on April 4, 1886 in Hunt County. b) Alfred J Methvin., born about 1869 c) Jimmie Methvin, born about 1871, d) Ervin Methvin, born about 1873, e) John L. Methvin (August 18, 1875-June 28, 1877) buried in Ethel Cemetery in Grayson County, Texas f) Unnamed male twin (May 3, 1878-May 4, 1878), buried in Ethel Cemtery, Grayson County, Texas g) Unnamed male twin (May 3, 1878-May 3, 1878), buried next to his brother. h) Stella Methvin, born in 1879, married J.G.B. Phillips on December 1, 1896. 


1870 Hunt County, Texas , P.O. White Rock, Pct 3 Page 337

62   Methkin, Jos. R. 34 M W Farmer 1500   1985 Ala
Martha C. 21 F W Keeping House   Tx
Iona R. 2 F W     Tx
Alfred J. 1 M W     Tx

1880 Hunt County, Texas, Pct 2, page 455

226   Methvin, J.R. W M 44 Head Farmer Ala   Tn  Ala
Martha W F 30 Wife Keeping House Tx   Mo  Tn
Inona W F 12 Daughter At School Tx   Al  Tx
Alford W M 10 Son School Tx   Al  Tx
Jimmie W F 9 Daughter School Tx   Al  Tx
Ervin W M 7 Son   Tx   Al  Tx
Stella W F 10/12 Daughter   Tx   Al  Tx


7)   Aaron Woodard,  born March 10, 1839, moved from Madison County, Alabama with his family at age 19. He enlisted in Co. C. Stephens Regiment of dismounted soldiers, fighting in Texas, Arkansas and mostly Louisiana. He returned to Grayson County, Texas after the war. Aaron married 1st: Abecilla Cox, the daughter of Elihu Cox, in 1862. She died in August, 1865 and is buried in the Ethel Cemetery in Grayson County, Texas. They had no children. Aaron married 2nd. Mary K. (Molly) Patton (1846-1923), the daughter of John Patton, on October 19, 1867. Aaron was a farmer by trade and accumulated much property during his lifetime. He and Molly also were childless. He died in 1923.

8)   Alfred Methvin   was born about 1841/42 in Madison County, Alabama and was a twin to Albert. He served in Co. F. 26th Texas Cavalry, and was killed near Atlanta, at New Hope Church.  This battle was fought May 27, 1864.

9)   Albert Methvin,   serving in Co. F. 6th Texas Infantry was killed at Pine Bluff, Arkansas.


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