James A. Porter (J.A.P.) Methvin


James A. Porter Methvin was born January 2, 1806 in Wilkinson Co., Ga. the son of Thomas Methvin. On November 20, 1828, J.A.P. married Margaret E. Burke (September 16, 1808 S.C. - January 14, 1883 Quitman County, Ga), the daughter of Daniel Burke and Mary Trulock. The Methvin's moved to Randolph Co., later Quitman Co. Ga. and were farmers. They had several children: Mary I, William Truelock, Daniel, Thomas J., Sarah Elizabeth, Artemissa A., Margaret, Angeline, Nancy L., Elizabeth Ann, Caroline, Clifford E., and Frances E.

J.A.P. and family were quite wealthy prior to the Civil War with land and money. His worth was less in the 1870 census, however, he still had servants and farm laborers. He died November 21, 1875.


1850 Randolph County, Ga., 8th District                                                       

9. JAP Mephin 44 M Laborer Ga.
Margaret 44 F   Ga.
Wm. 18 M Student Ga.
Daniel 17 M   Ga.
Thos. 14 M   Ga.
Sarah 12 F   Ga.
Artamisse 11 F   Ga.
M.D. 8 F   Ga.
Angeline 7 F   Ga.
Nancy L. 5 F   Ga.
Caroline 2 F   Ga.


1860 Quitman Co. Ga., P.O.- Georgetown

26 James A. Methvin 54 M Farmer 12,400  38,600 Ga
Margaret 53 F     Ga
Arty A. 20 F     Ga
Elizer 18 F     Ga
Angeline 16 F     Ga
Caroline 11 F     Ga
Clifford 9 F     Ga



1870 Quitman County Ga-Hatcher Station

63  James Methvin 64 M W Farmer 8,000  15,000 Ga
Margaret 60 F W Keeping House   Ga
Arta 30 F W At Home   Ga
Clifford 18 F W     Ga
Carrie 21 F W     Ga
Willford 24 M W Farmer   Ga
64 Charles Methvin 60 M B Farm Laborer   Ga
Dicey 60 F B Keeps House   Ga
Georgian 9 F B Domestic Servant   Ga


            Children according to family Bible

1) Mary Jane Methvin born Nov. 3, 1829, died October 16, 1904 in Quitman County, Ga.. She married Joel Eason Smith of Stewart County Ga. about 1845, (son of Allen and Mary Hightower Smith), who was a school teacher, farmer and  Judge of the County Court of Quitman County, Ga.  . Mary was a member of the Midway Baptist Church. She died Oct. 16, 1904 and buried in Georgetown. On  March 1849, Joel E.J. Smith sold to James A.P. Methvin 202 1/2 acres in Randolph Co. Ga. for $500.

In the 1860 Quitman Co. census- Georgetown Ga.

23.  Joel E. Smith 35 M Farmer 12,000  8,000 Ga
Mary J. 30 F Ga
James M. 12 M Ga
Romullus 10 M Ga
Murdonas 5 M Ga
Mitellus P. 1 M Ga
Richard R. Smith 26 M Merchant Ga
Joel J. Mann 20 M Clerk Ga
Daniel Neil 26 M Wagoner Ga
Claton Hargrove 23 M Carpenter Ga


Children: 1) James Methvin Smith (Dec 30, 1847-Dec 15, 1910), married 1st Sarah Elizabeth Harrell (July 17, 1848-Jan. 29, 1888) and had William, Thomas, Callie, Angie C. (November 18, 1872-April 21, 1874) and  Bersheba (July 18, 1880-December 31, 1887). He married 2nd Claudia Crow and had Edward and James Smith. James was a mason and was buried in Smith-Methvin Cemetery.

2) Romallus Eason Smith (Nov. 22, 1850-June 5, 1898)

3) Mardonius F. Smith (born about 1855)

4) Matellus D. Smith (born about 1859)

5) Richard Randolph Smith (born about 1862)

6) Maola Ipolee Missouri Smith (July 3, 1864 Hatcher Station, Quitman County, Ga-Sept. 13, 1944, Cincinnati, Ohio) married Aug. 3, 1890 in Barbourville, Ky., William Harrison Davis, son of John H. and Martha Ann Hayes Davis, (Oct 6, 1868 Barbourville, Ky- Aug. 25, 1936, Duluth, Minn). Children included: a) Clarence Richard Davis (March 7, 1894-June 6, 1963), married Patty McKee Blackburn (April 29, 1894-Nov. 2, 1969) on Aug. 13, 1913. They had Frances Lenora Davis (Dec 12, 1914-March 23, 1918), Clarence Richard Davis Jr. born Dec 7, 1919 and married Marguerite LaFrite, Marie Stone Davis born Feb 25, 1921, married Christopher Dahm on August 7, 1941, and William Harrison Davis, born March 25, 1923 and married Florabelle Leinbac. b) Jessie Lenora Davis (Dec 16, 1908 Barbourville Ky- 1977 Knoxville, Tn), married Dec 8, 1924 Harvey Tinsley and had Katherine Tinsley (married William Evans Smith and M.C. Isabell) and Kenneth Harvey Tinsley (married Daisy Ann Smith).  Jessie married 2nd C.E. Strait. c) Robert Davis born about 1910 died age 8, spinal meningitis. d) Lucille Davis, born about 1912 died age 3, diptheria.

7) Margaret Lissippie Smith (Dec 30, 1869 Quitman Co. Ga-Feb 28, 1945, Akron, Ohio) married William Jasper Barton (March 28, 1851-Sept 4, 1921), the son of Septimus and Elizabeth B Harrell Barton about 1886. He was a planter and County Commissioner of Quitman Co. Their children were: a) Mamie Louise Barton (Sept 23, 1887-1978), b) Elizabeth Lucille Barton, born Feb 21, 1889, c) William Eason Barton (Oct 1, 1890- May 27, 1922 from pneumonia after fall from a horse) married Dec. 22, 1912, Gertrude Fay McCarroll, daughter of Samuel and Caroline Walden McCarroll. They had Reginald McCarroll Barton, born Aug. 15, 1922, Eufala, Al, married Zula Elizabeth McFayden, (born May 6, 1927 the daughter of James Scott and Hattie Currie McFayden) on Oct 11, 1947. They in turn had Reginald McCarroll Barton, Jr. born March 31, 1951 in Fayetteville, N.C. d) Lulabel Barton (born Aug 2, 1892) e) Martha Starr Barton (born ca. 1894) f) Mark Septimus Barton (Jan 6, 1895-Sept, 1970) g) Clayton Burke Barton (born Oct 25, 1896), h) Ruby Valeria Barton (born Jan. 4, 1899), i) Ross Comer Barton (born Sept 16, 1902) j) James Huddeston Barton (born March 6, 1908) k) Carl Whitfield Barton (born June 2, 1909)

8) Robert E. Lee Smith, born June 1871

9) Benjamin F. Smith


2) William Truelock Methvin born November 1, 1831 in Twiggs Co. Ga. He married 1). Mary Jane Sears (1836-July 28, 1872) on Nov 4, 1852, daughter of Wilson and Martha Smith Sears. 2) Mary (Mollie) Castellow, She died May 23, 1889, leaving her husband and ten day old baby. 3) Nannie Olgetree, married Feb 24, 1892. William was a member of Company F., 61st Regiment of the Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Evan's Brigade, Gordon's Division, army of Northern Va. They were from Quitman Co., Ga (Stark Guard's or Wiregrass Rifles). He was a Private enlisted May 6, 1862, discharged and furnished Hezekiah Welch as a substitute, October, 1863. He died Jan. 10, 1910.


1860 Clay Co Ga. Pomasia

18  William T. Methvine 29 M Farmer Ga
Mary J. 24 F   Ga
Thomas 3 M   Ga
Eugenius 1 M   Ga



1870 Clay Co Ga. Ft. Gaines

542  William Methvin 38 M W Farmer 2,650  1,650 Ga
Mary 33 F W Keeping house   Ga
Thomas 13 M W     Ga
Eugenius 11 M W     Ga
Ella 9 F W     Ga
Willie 6 F W     Ga
Estell 3 F W     Ga
James 2 M W     Ga


1880 Clay Co. Ga., Cotton Hill ED 91, Sheet 42

W.T. Mettevin head 48 Ga
Mary E. wife 30 Ga
Eugene W. dau 21 Ga
Ella L. dau 19 Ga
Willie L. dau 14 Ga
Estelle dau 14 Ga
Vannie dau 13 Ga
Maggie dau 6 Ga
John son 3 Ga
Callie dau 10/12 Ga


1900 Clay Co. Ga., Cotton Hill ED 21, sheet 5

W.T. Methvin head Nov 1831 68 Ga
Maggie dau Mar 1874 26 Ga
Callie dau July 1879 20 Ga
Billie son July 1883 17 Ga
John son Sept 1877 22 Ga


Ella died Monday, February 25, 1884 at her father's home in Clay County, Ga. Essie (Estelle) married J. W. Boyett in a double wedding with her cousin Perry Gay and Dr. A. Mason Raines, at Midway Church near Georgetown, Dec 24, 1887. Daughter Fannie died young (January 1855-June 28, 1855).   Thomas Sears Methvin, oldest son of William Truelock Methvin was written about in the Cyclopedia of Georgia.

"Methvin, Thomas Sears, president of the Methvin Hardware Company, conducting a prosperous and extensive wholesale and retail hardware business, with headquarters at 1123-5 Broad Street, Columbus, was born on a farm in Clay County, Ga., Dec. 14, 1856, and is a son of William Truelock and Mary Jane Sears Methvin, the former of which was born in Twiggs Co., and the later in Webster Co. Ga. The father removed to Clay County prior to the civil war and became one of the representative agriculturists of that ssection of the state, holding that a man could find no better or more worthy vocation in life than to cling to the basic art of tilling the soil and causing it to bring forth it's increase. From that county he went forth to do valient service as a soldier of the Confederacy, and after the close of the war he showed equal courage and determination in doing well his part in reviving the prostate fortunes of his loved native state. He died in Clay County in March, 1902, honored of men and leaving a record of a useful and righteous life. He was a son of James Porter and Margaret (Burke) Methvin, both of whom were likewise natives of Georgia, where the respective families were early founded. His wife was a daughter of Wilson and Martha (Smith) Sears, both of whom were born in Georgia, where they passed their entire lives. Of the four living children of William T. and Mary J. (Sears) Methvin the subject of this sketch is the eldest. Willie Louise is now the wife of H.P. Graddy, of Quitman County; Estelle is the wife of J.W. Boyett, of the same county; and James V. is a resident of Birmingham, Ala. Thomas S. Methvin was reared on the home plantation, in Clay County, where he received his preliminary educational training, later attending a boys' high school in Eufala. Ala., where he remained a student until he had attained to the age of eighteen years. Thereafter he assisted in the work and management of the home plantation until he reached his legal majority. He was employed for the ensuing three years in the construction department of the Atlanta and Charlotte Air Line railroad, now a branch of the Southern system. At the age of twenty-four years, Mr. Methvin located in Seneca, S.C., where he became associated with his brother in the general merchandise business, under the firm name of T.S. & E.W. Methvin. In 1883, nearly the whole town was destroyed by fire, and the firm of which Mr. Methvin was a member met with the loss of it's store and business, with very little insurance indemnity. For a number of years thereafter Mr. Methvin was employed as a traveling salesman. From 1890 to 1897 he was employed in the retail hardware business in Athens, Ga., and for the following nine years he was traveling representative of the King Hardware Company of Atlanta. In April 1906, he purchased the wholesale and retail hardware branch maintained by this company in the city of Columbus, reorganizing the concern as a stock company and incorporating the same under the laws of the state, as the Methvin Hardware Company, of which he is president. The house is one of the best equipped of the sort in the city and controls a large and representative trade thoughout the territory tributary to Columbus as a distribution center. Mr. Methvin is a member of the Columbus board of trade, and is identified with the Masonic fraternity, the Travelers' Protective association and the Fraternal Union. He is a staunch advocate of the principles and policies of which the Democratic party stands exponent, and while a resident of Athens, this state, he served as a member of the board of aldermen. Both he and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. On Feb. 4, 1880, Mr. Methvin was united in marriage to Miss Mary Jane Winter, daughter of Henry D. Winter, of Wintersville, Ga., the town having been named in his honor. Mr. and Mrs. Methvin have one son, William Eugene, who was born August 9, 1895.


3) Daniel Burke Methvin born Sept. 20, 1833. He married Eley Anne Gay (the daughter of Erasmus and Sarah Garland Smith Dawson Gay, August 3 1838-June 23, 1893) on August 18, 1853. Daniel enlisted as a Private May 3, 1862 in Co. F, 61st Regiment of the Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Evan's Brigade, Gordon's Division of the Army of Northern Virginia. He was captured at Spotsylvania, Va., May 12, 1864 and died at Fortress Monroe, Va., Nov 5, 1864. Daughter, Sarah age 2 1/2 , died September 14, 1859 and infant son William Oscar Methvin died September 15, 1859. Mary Lula born about 1861, married Hilary M. Shaw ca. 1877 and had Emmett, Mark and Annie Corrie Shaw. She died May 3, 1901. She was living with Seaborn and Ann Shepard in Fort Gaines, Clay Co., Ga. in 1870. James E. was born about 1855. He was living with Uncle Thomas Methvin and family in 1870. James Methvin had among others: 1) Annie Clyde Methvin, (1881-1952) married Kenneth Bethune McKenzie, the son of Bethune  Beaton and Caroline Elizabeth Flournoy McKenzie, on April 21, 1908, and had Emma Gay, Frances, James Methvin and Kenneth McKenzie III. 2) James E. Methvin, Jr., married Mary Lou McKenzie Roberts, the sister of Kenneth McKenzie on Nov. 12, 1907. They had a daughter Mary Lou Methvin. 3) Flora C. Methvin married Ernest Cleveland Dunn, Dec. 25, 1907. These families lived in Eufala in Barbour County, Ala.


1860 Quitman County, Ga. P.O. Georgetown-Next to J.A.P. Methvin

27  Daniel Methvin 28 M Farmer 5,000  4,000 Ga
Elcy A. (Anna) 21 F Ga
James E. 5 M Ga


4) Thomas Jefferson Methvin born January 24, 1836 and died June 18, 1902 in Quitman County, Ga. He married Elizabeth Ann Gordon in 1858. He enlisted in Company G, 51st Reg. Ga. Volunteer Infantry on March 4, 1862.  He was a private and was captured at Gettysburg in July, 1863.  He was exchanged on February 13, 1865.  According to the Eufaula Times and News of Thursday, June 19, 1902, "Mr. T.J. Methvin, an aged citizen of Quitman Co. Ga., died at his home at Kipling suddening from heart disease yesterday. Burial at Pataula Cemetery. Survivors are his aged wife, five sons. Bob, Daniel, Jack, William and Ralph Methvin and three daughters, Mrs. Ray, Misses Clifford and Anna Methvin. He was a Baptist and a Mason.


1860 Quitman County, Ga. P.O. Hamlet

22  Thomas Methvin 25 M Farmer 3,000  2,500 Ga
Elizer A. Methvin 17 F     Ga
Mary J. Methvin 7/12 F     Ga
John E. Riordon 30 M Merchant 1,000  1,500 SC
Lucy A. Riordon 18 F     Ga
Robert M. Riordon 5 M     Ga
Mary E. Riordon 11/12 F     Ga


1870 Quitman Co. Ga., Hatcher Station

53  Thomas Methvin 34 M W Farmer 3,000  2,000 Ga
Eliza 28 F W Keeping House   Ga
Daniel 4 M W     Ga
William 3 M W     Ga
Clifford 2 F W     Ga
James * 14 M W     Ga
George Willis 15 M B Cook   Ga

* Could this James be Thomas' brother Daniel's son, since Daniel died in the war?


1880 Quitman Co. Ga.- E.D. 58, Sheet 36

Thomas Methvin 43 M Ga
Eliza A. 37 Wife Ga
Daniel B. 14 Son Ga
Wm N. 13 Son Ga
Clifford E. 12 Daughter Ga
John J. 9 Son Ga
Carrie B. 6 Daughter Ga
James R. 4 Son Ga
Ann E. 1 Daughter Ga
Robert G. 4/12 Son Ga


1900 Quitman County. Ga. Georgetown ED 63, Sheet 16

Thomas J. Methvin Head June 1835 64 Ga
Eliza A. Wife Aug 1842 57 Ga
Clifford E. Daughter April 1868 32 Ga
Annie E. Daughter Nov 1878 21 Ga

Children of Thomas Methvin and Elizabeth Gordon

a) Daniel Burke Methvin, born March 16, 1866  married 1st. Lena Culbreth of Randolph Co. Ga. on Feb. 6, 1889. They had Thomas D., born September 28, 1892   and Hugh F. Methvin (December 5, 1889-August 2, 1890). He married 2nd Helena Crittendon Culbreth.

b)William Nimrod Methvin born April 3, 1867 in Quitman County, died November 4, 1921 in Dawson, Terrell Co. Ga. and is buried in Dawson Cemetery. He was a baliff and married Annie Ruth Durham (April 29,1867 Webster Co.Ga- May 15, 1949, Dawson, Terrell Co. Ga) in December 1887 in Geneva, Alabama. Annie Ruth was the daughter of Dr. John Pryor Durham and Dr. Cassandra Pickett, who ws the first woman doctor to graduate from Georgia. Annie Ruth was a school teacher and Poet Lauerate, who wrote many poems to advance the movement of the W.C.T.U. (Woman's Christian Temperance Union).  She wrote a book of poetry "O'Land Beloved and Other Poems".    Their children; 1) William Claude

wmclaude.jpg (3623 bytes) William Claude Methvin

Methvin (Oct 18, 1887-July 4, 1931) married Dora Irene Wilson (Feb 2, 1892 Cox, Ga.- Feb. 27, 1956) on September 27, 1918. She was the daughter of John Barker and Lucy Catherine Grant Wilson. . William Claude was 5'8" tall, blue eyes, sandy hair with a fair complexion.  He served in the U.S. Cavalry after enlisting at age 31.  He was a member of the B.P.O. Elks Waycross, Ga. Lodge 369. Their children were (a) Maysie Juanita Methvin, born March 17, 1920 in Fort Oglethorp, Ga.   She married Robert E. Hogue (died April 7, 1989) on March 28, 1937 in Waycross, Ga., They had three girls, Sharon, Sandra and Debbie.   (b)  William Claude Methvin, Jr. (1921 Fort Oglethorp-December 29, 1923)  (c) Margie Irene Methvin born April 20, 1925.  She married William Henry LaRoche and had William and Lynn  (d) Robert Edward Methvin (January 17, 1927 Waycross, Ga-December 8, 2000) He married Gloria Anne Petermann (born November 1, 1928 in Putnam County, FL.) on November 13, 1948. She was the daughter of Jessie Crawford Petermann and Leona Chase.  They had five children Robert Jr., Gail Lynn, Donna Kay, Faith and Theron.  (e) Willannie Methvin born August 26, 1928 in Waycross, Ga. She married William Chester Parker, (born July 8, 1920 the son of Charles Leslie Parker and Effie Mae Lesher) on December 19, 1954 and had Claude, Richard and Patsy.   (f)  Earl "Stanley" Skinner (born September 2, 1912, in Albany, Ga) was Dora Irene's son from a previous marriage.   He took the Methvin last name after she married William Claude. He married Dorothy Mae Rogalin on October 3, 1937 in Folkston, Ga. They had three daughters, Margarete, Caroline and Jennie.  2) Ernest Gordon Methvin (b. July 6, 1888/1890-d. September 18, 1928, buried Dawson, Ga), 3) Ila Methvin (August 24 1892-Dec. 22, 1951), Ila married Howe Durham (Dec 31, 1889-June 3, 1949) on December 15, 1910. They had John Pryor Durham (Oct 30, 1912 Comanche Co. Ok- Nov 5, 1971 Albany Ga) married Jaunita Pauline Allen (1912-Oct 1995), Laura Louise Durham (Oct 26,1913-May 25, 1981) married Charles Lewis "Whit" Whitman, Joe Julian Durham (Feb 13, 1916-ca 1935) married Sue Whittimore, Ila Irene Durham (born Aug. 9, 1918) married Glen Hubert Moulder, December 12, 1940, William Melvin Durham (born Dec. 28, 1920) married Helen Virginia Hunt, Darrell Howe Durham (June 10, 1923-Dec 25, 1974) married 1st Mary Evelyn Yancy and 2) Charlotte Henson, Helen Floy Durham (born August 13, 1926 married James Pacheco Amaral on July 15, 1944 in Americus, Ga.)  and Doris Lynne Durham (Aug 4, 1930-May 1996) married William Wiley Martin on August 20, 1950.   John Pryor and Juanita Pauline Allen Durham had the following issue: a) Juanita Ann Durham (July 24, 1934, Blakely, Early Co. Ga.) married Glenn Calvin Gunsallus (born Dec 09, 1929, Warrior's mark, Huntingdon Co. Pa) on Jan. 10, 1953 in Bainbridge, Ga. and had Anita Susan Gunsallus (born March 6, 1956 in Sumpter, S.C., married William Gerald Davis) and John David Gunsallus (born Oct 29, 1957, married Lorien Claire Lee, who was born August 10, 1957, Chattanooga, on June 15, 1985 in Chattanooga, Tn.). b) Jane Durham born Dec 3, 1938 in Bainbridge, Ga., married Rodney Fain and had Rhonda, Julie and Sherry. c) Ellen Durham born April 16, 1939 in Bainbridge, Ga, married Stuart McKenzie and had John and Stuart, Jr. 4)Verna Anne Methvin (Sept 8, 1895-March 24, 1979), 5) Julian Pickett Methvin (Oct 9, 1897- Dec. 26, 1984) married Bonnie Newton and had Bonnie married R.C. "Bob" Proctor and Mary Carol who married Jim Harrell 6) Gerald E. Methvin (Sept 30, 1901-July 25, 1963). According to 1900 census, Williams's aunts Artie (age 60) and Callie (age 51) were living with them and also niece Ada Hall age 13. He and his wife Drusilla had Drusilla married Mark Rowe, Constance "Connie" Methvin and Gerald Methvin, Jr.

c) Clifford E. Methvin, born April 1868, married L. Smith

d)John Jefferson Methvin, born 1871, married Ila E. Guilford on October 30, 1901 and had James Thomas Methvin in 1905.  He married Mattie Elizabeth James and their children were: Kenneth Kelly, Ray William, John Bennett, Joseph Meltin, Vivian Janet, James Thomas and Jerry L. Methvin.

e) Carrie Belle Methvin, born 1874.

f) James Ralph Methvin, born 1876, married Mary Lillie Horton, and they had Fliece Maxwell Methvin, born May 7, 1906, Quitman Co. Ga. Fliece Maxwell was a profession engineer and surveyor and served as WWII Naval CPO, discharged in 1954 as Lt. Commander and was awarded the Silver Star in Guam. He married on Oct. 30, 1943, Bertha Conner Ripley, daughter of Charles William and Arra Jackson Ripley. They had Charles William and Carolyn Rose Ripley.

g) Anne Elizabeth Methvin born November 28, 1879

h) Robert G. Methvin (February 19. 1880-November 14, 1937) married Flossie Lee Ellis Nov. 2, 1904. He served as a county judge.  Their children were Annie Florence Methvin, (who married Milan G. Bridges and had Florence "Flo" Bridges and Patricia "Pat" Bridges) and Thomas James Methvin, who married Ruth Evans on November 15, 1936.  He was a Sunday School superintendant for Union Church in Georgetown, Georgia.  Their children were Robert Gordon and Martha Ann Methvin.


5) Sarah Elizabeth Methvin (January 7, 1838-April 17, 1894/96). She married William Erasmus Gay (the son of Erasmus and Sarah Garland Smith Dawson Gay) in 1854 in Quitman Co. Ga. Her husband served in Company F, 61st Georgia Regiment of the C.S.A. Their children included: Richard Dawson Gay (b. 1855, married 1) Anne Barfield 2) Mrs Crockett Saville Baldwin), Callie Margaret Gay (b. 1857, married L.E. Gay), Sarah Frances Gay (September 1858-August 17, 1859) Perrilee T. Gay (b. 1859 married A. Mason Raines, M.D. Dec. 24, 1887), Arta Methvin Gay (b. 1870, married Wm. P. Shelley, M.D.), Bertha E. Gay (b. 1872, married Jos. L. Sanders), Emma M. Gay (b. 1874, married E.B. Griffin), Willie L. Gay (b. 1876, married L.T. Randolph), James Mercer Gay (b. 1878, married Gussie Grimes), Byron LeGrande Gay (April 5, 1880-June 17, 1880) Wm. Erasmus Gay (b. 1883, never married).


6) Artemissa Methvin born October 25,1839, died Oct. 1929 and never married. She was known as "Artie"


7) Margaret Lissippie (Louise) Methvin (January 16, 1842-Jan. 12, 1917). She married Wm. Erasmus Gay (Jan 15, 1838-March 13, 1904), the cousin of Sarah Methvin's husband, William E. Gay. They had Carrie Gay who married James Albert Shaw.


8) Angeline Methvin (Aug. 30, 1843-May 29, 1899). She married Erasmus R. King (Oct 6, 1830-May 8, 1899), the son of Wesley and Elizabeth Ball King. Another son of Wesley and Elizabeth King, Hiram J. King, married Carrie D. Methvin, the daughter of John and Mary Manson Methvin.


1870 Clay County Ga- Ft. Gaines

535  Erasmus King 40 M W Farmer 2,000  1,000 Ga
Angeline 26 F W House   Ga
Eunice 9 F W     Ga
Anson 7 M W     Ga
Edgar 4 M W     Ga
Westley 2 M W     Ga


9) Nancy L. Methvin (Dec 20, 1845-August 1853)


10) Elizabeth Ann Methvin (August 8, 1847- Dec. 8, 1847)


11) Caroline W. Methvin (September,1848-March 10, 1911) and never married.


12) Clifford E. Methvin (March 18 1851- July 15, 1933). She married Benjamin F. Lokey on Dec 23, 1882/92. They had 1) Clifton Methvin Lokey (March 28, 1894-March 25, 1963. He married Dickie Crozier (August 9, 1897-Aug 29, 1968) on Dec. 26, 1915. They had a) Richard Clifton Lokey (Jan. 14, 1917-July 13, 1964), b) Benjamin Franklin Lokey, born Nov. 13, 1919, married Pollyanna Espy and had Margaret Elizabeth Lokey, Allen Bruce Lokey and Brenda Jane Lokey. c) Burke Pittman Lokey, born July 27, 1925, married Dorothy Joe Bullington, born Sept 15, 1952 and had loring Elizabeth Lokey, Burke Pittman Lokey, Jr., and Mary Elizabeth Lokey. d) Mary Clifford Lokey, born March 1933, married Thomas Leighton Manley in June, 1954, and had Thomas Leighton Manley, Jr., and Macon Clifton Manley. 2) Benjamin F. Lokey, Jr. (May 30, 1896-Aug 29, 1897).


13) Frances E. Methvin (Dec 17, 1853-1855)


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