John Methvin

    John Methvin, son of Thomas Methvin was born June 6, 1811, in Wilkinson County, Ga. John was a farmer living around Irwinton, whose children included John Jasper Methvin, the missionary to the Kiowa Indians. John married 1st. Mourning Glover (July 11, 1814-  ?) on April 20, 1837, the daughter of Kelly (1792-1853) and Elizabeth Glover of Twiggs Co. Ga.


                                                                1840 Twiggs Co. Ga., page 377

Kelly Glover

1 male 10-15

1 male 20-30

1 male 40-50

1 female 5-10

1 female 15-20

1 female 30-40


                                                1850 Wilkinson Co. Ga. 93rd subdivision, page 388b

768 Kelly Glover



















                                                                           Will of Kelly Glover

November 11, 1852. In the name of God, amen. I. Kelly Glover, of the County and State aforesaid, being in a low state of health, but of sound and disposing mind, knowing that it is appointed for all men to die, I, resigning my body to it's mother dust and my soul to Almighty God, who gave it and settle my worldly affairs and bestow the goods which God has blessed me with in the following manner to to-wit:

For the natural love and affection I bear to my wife, Elizabeth Glover, I give all my land where on I now live together, with all my household and kitchen furniture; my entire stock of hogs, cattle, oxen and cart; one horse and two Negroes, Kelsan, a woman, Sarah, a woman, during her natural life and at her death to be equally divided among my surviving children, or their children.

I give unto my adopted, Newton Glover, one small Negro girl, Charity, and $100 to buy him a horse, saddle and bridle, on his arriving at the age of 21, it being all that he is to have of my entire estate.

It is my will and desire that my executors hereinafter named should take charge of the balance of my estate and have it equally divided among my surviving children, or their children, except my daughter, Mourning Methvin (born 1814, married John Methvin), children, after making all minor children equal to the advances made to the oldest child. (The only other child shown in Kelly Glover's family is Amanda, born 1834.)

I do hereby constitute and appoint my brother, John Glover and Thomas Glover (they did not come to Wilkinson County) my Executors and clothe them with all the power to carry out my last will and testament as that as if I was living to do the same, and I, the said Kelly Glover, do hereby declare this contains my last will and testament, revoking all former wills made by me. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and date mentioned in presence of attest.

(signed Kelly Glover) Recorded in Record of Returns 1820-1853, page 565. Probated January, 1853.



1840 Twiggs Co. Ga.  page 379
John Methvin 1 male <5 1 male 20-30 1 female 20-30


1850 Wilkinson Co. Ga. 93rd Subdivision,  page 391
810 John Melvin 39 M Farmer 1,000 Ga
     Morning 36 F     N.C.
     William 11 M     Ga
     Ugenial ? E 9 F     Ga
     Thomas 8 M     Ga
     Caroline 6 F     Ga
     John 3 M     Ga


1860 Wilkinson Co. Ga.  High Hill District  P.O. Irwinton    page 929
484-486 John Methvin 48 M Farmer 6,400  8,245 Ga
     Mary J. 37 F Housekeeper Ga
     W.K. 21 M Farm Keeper Ga
     Virginia 19 F Teacher Ga
     Thomas 18 M Farm Labor Ga
     Carrie 16 F Student Ga
     John 13 M Ga
     Sarah 9 F Ga
     James 5 M Ga


1870 Wilkinson Co, Ga  2nd Division, P.O. Box Irwinton
528-548  John Methvin 59 M W Farmer 1,500  725 Ga
          Mary J. 46 F W Keeping House   Ga
          Sarah 19 F W At Home   Ga
          James 14 M W Farm   Ga
          Cornelia 9 F W     Ga
          Gertrude 3 F W     Ga


    John Methvin was a wealthy farmer prior to the Civil War. However, like many southerners, he lost much of his worth during the war.

    Children of John and Mourning Glover Methvin : William, Virginia Eugenia, Thomas, Caroline, John and Sarah. Mourning died in 1851 about the time of the birth of Sarah.


A. William Kelly Methvin (Feb. 10, 1839, Jeffersonville, Twiggs Co. Ga.- Feb 26, 1911, Dublin Ga) was appointed 3rd Sergeant of Co. G., 2nd Regiment, 1st Brigade, Georgia State Troops Oct. 11. 1861. Mustered out April, 1862. Elected Jr. 2nd Lieutenant of Co. D, 57th Regiment, Ga. Infanty on May 3. 1862. Captured at Baker's Creek, (or Big Black) Miss, May 16 or 17, 1863. Paroled at Johnson's island, Ohio, Feb 24, 1865. He joined the Methodist Church at age 12 (Old Ball's Church 5 miles from Jeffersonville) William married Julia Chambers, the daughter of William I (1812-1896) and Hannah Jane Hall Chambers (1825-1888), on May 1, 1862 in Wilkinson Co. Ga. They lived in Wilkinson County, Ga after the war and had several children: Dora, Jane H., Thomas C, Linnie W., Claudius and Rollin O. Julia Methvin inherited a picture of a woman leaning against a post with the word "Hope" written underneath from her sister-in-law Maxa B. Chambers, the wife of her brother Andrew Jackson Chambers, in 1906.

1880 Wilkinson Co. Ga.  ED 142, sheet 23, line 36  HH 331
     Methvin  Willie K. M 40 Ga
          Julia F 34 Ga
          Dora F 13 Ga
          Jannie H. F 12 Ga
         Thommie C M 10 Ga
          Linnie W. M 6 Ga
          Claoudus M. M 4 Ga
          Rollin O. M 2 Ga

      1) Dora Methvin, born about 1867, married T.B. Brown, Dec. 1, 1886, Wilkinson Co, Ga., and had Linnie and Orion Brown

    2) Jane H, born 1868, married Johnny G. Johnson, June 4, 1893, Wilkinson Co. Ga. and had Lillian, Mary, Virginia and a son.

    3) Thomas C. Methvin, born 1870, married Augusta Noble and had Martha, Augusta, Linnie, Oscar, Thomas and William Allen Methvin

    4) Linnie Methvin born 1874.

    5) Claudius McKee Methvin (1876-1941), married Eugenia Emmogene Bone (1876-1970). They had a) Claude McKee Methvin, Jr. (1898-1953) married 1st, Minna Austin Strange Middlebrooks (1888-1967). They in turn had Claude McKee Methvin III, born 1923, married Anita Lorraine Biberthaler who had Melody Gail Methvin (born 1950, married Michael Henry Ahl, had Kori Ann Ahl (1969-1971), and Geoffrey Michael Ahl (born 1972)), Claude Mark Methvin, (born 1953, married 1st Yvonne Strickland, 2nd Jackie Cottrell and had Donovan Alan Methvin 1997), Jean Nita Methvin (born 1955, married 1st Monte Franklin Mecklenburg and had Shawn Michael Mecklenberg in 1974, and Craig Marshall Mecklenburg in 1978, married 2nd Mark Allen Stril) and Lynn Ellen Methvin (born 1959, married David William Rommel and had ReAnn Nicole Rommel born 1981, and Jacob David Rommel, 1988). Claude McKee Methvin Jr., married 2nd Madge Hilburn (1900-1982) and had Eugene Hilburn Methvin,  Gene Methvin born 1934, married Louisa Barbara Lester, born 1938. Gene and Barbara had Helen Lester Methvin (born 1965, married Christopher John Payne and had Caroline Methvin Payne, born 1994, and Julia Methvin Payne, born 1997), and Claudia Hilburn Methvin born 1970. b) Ethel Idolene Methvin (1899-1901), c) Helen Julia Methvin, born 1903, married R.Guyton Ussery and resided at Trussville, Alabama. They had one chilld Kay Diane Ussery (1933-1997), who married Jerry Hicks and had one child, Rob. Rob is married to Terry and they have one child, Tiffany Hicks. d) Edwin Thomas Methvin (1908-1977). According to the History of Dodge Co. Ga. by Cobb, C.M. Methvin of Eastman Ga owned and operated The Times Journal a newspaper with two of his sons, Claude Jr. and Edwin T. Methvin. Edwin belonged to the Eastman Presbyterian Church. He operated the Times Journal from 1941-1974.

    6) Rollin Oscar Methvin, born 1878.



B. Eugenia Elizabeth Methvin, born Nov 24, 1840, Georgia. She was a teacher living with her father and step-mother in 1860. By 1870, she had married John F. Hughes, born about 1845, was living next store to her father John and family. She also had a son, Fred, age two in 1870. Their daughter, Carrie Eugenia Hughs married John Dooley Bohannon, whose son Claude Bohannon married Bessie Mae Marrow.  Claude and Bessie's daughter Carrie Mae Bohannon married James Aubrey Odom.  Their daughter Patricia Louise Odom married William Merlon Splawn and had William Matthew and Rebecca Lynn Splawn. 


C. Thomas Jefferson Methvin, born about March 24, 1842. Enlisted as a private in Co. G, 2nd Regiment, 1st Brigade, Ga. State Troopes on October 11, 1961. Mustered out April, 1862. Appointed 2nd Sergeant of Co. D, 57th Regiment, Ga. Infantry on May 3, 1862. Captured at Vicksburg, Miss., July 4, 1863. Paroled on July 7, 1863. Exchanged August 1863. Killed at Jonesboro, Ga. August 31, 1864. Thomas was written about by his brother John Jasper Methvin and by his great-great nephew Gene Methvin of Reader's Digest. See the story "Remembering Thomas Jefferson Methvin" .


D. Caroline Demarious "Carrie" Methvin born about Feb 12, 1844. married Hiram J. King, born 1831, the son of Wesley and Elizabeth Ball King. A member of the 3rd Regiment, Georgia Volunteers, Hiram was captured at High Bridge in 1865. Their children were Minnie (born 1871), Milton (born 1873), Anson (born 1875), Jennie (born 1877, married Ezekiel Turner) and Marie/Mona (born 1880). Hiram's father Wesley King according to the History of Wilkinson County "was a good business man, and at the age of 22, we find him buying negroes and rapidly branching out into a prosperous slave and plantation owner. At the age of 24, he married Elizabeth , the daughter of Anson Ball, who was one of the wealthiest men in the county. Their children were Erasmus, ( who moved to Quitman and married Angeline Methvin, served in 57th Ga Reg. Co D and captured at Vicksburg), Hiram, Wesley (captured at Murfreesboro, Tn), Ira S. (Born Feb 16, 1843, captured at Vicksburg, 57th Ga Reg Co. D., married Mary F. Lingo) and girls Sara (born 1833, wife of Richard L. Story), Nancy born 1841, Ellifair born 1845, and Betty ( born 1858 married Virgil Meredith). Westley, (Hiram's father) was an ardent Whig was held in such high esteem by the people of Wilkinson County that when he offered for the Senate in 1845, having served in the House of Representatives 1838-39, although he was opposed by a son of Governor Troupe, party lines were forgotten and he was swept into office by a tremendous majority."

E. James Asbury Methvin, born April 23, 1845.

F. John Jasper Methvin was known as the Missionary to the Kiowa Indians. He was born December 17, 1846, near Jeffersonville, Twiggs Co. Ga. J.J. married 1st. Emma Beall (1847- September 20, 1904), the daughter of Thomas N. and Missouri Beall. He enlisted as a private in the 57th Regt, Co. D., Ga Infantry on April 24, 1864. He was captured and paroled at Macon, Ga. on April 20, 1865. He witnessed the death of his brother Thomas Jefferson Methvin at Jonesboro, August 31, 1864. J.J. was a lawyer, minister, school teacher, administrator, author, poet, soldier, husband and father. His biography was written in the Chronicles of Oklahoma. He was called "Aim Hi A Me", meaning "The Red Ant" because of his red hair and boundless energy.

J.J. and Emma Beall Methvin's children were    a) Thomas Mabry "Doc" Methvin (Feb 18, 1875 Ga-July 21,1928 Ok) . b) John Jasper Methvin, Jr. (Nov 20,1876 Ga-June 13,1908 Ok),   c) Emma Beall "Vac" Methvin (June 21 1879 Ga- ) married J. P. Blackmon, on April 30, 1902, Chief Clerk of the Agency at Anadarko.  They had two children:  Dorothy Blackman, married Doug Kirsh, and Henley Blackman      d) William Glover Methvin (July 30, 1882 Ga-April 27, 1954 ) married Louise  A. Corbin, Dec 23, 1908 and had Duane G., born 1910 and V.G. born 1914.   e)  Walter Herbert Methvin stillborn 1884      f)  Henry Augustus Methvin (May 10, 1886 New Hope, Ok- June 11, 1962) married Edith Rose Hammert  (Sept 20, 1894-Dec 3, 1978) on Oct 6, 1912.. He was manager of Anadarko Storage Co. They had 1)Virginia Christina Methvin (Sept. 1913- Feb. 4, 1982), who married Dale Campbell and had tow daughters, Paula Sue and Sonja, 2) Emma Lou Methvin (July 18, 1915-Sept. 20, 1991) married William Fritz, no children. 3)  Pauline Rose Methvin (Dec 29, 1916-March 31, 1991) married Al Thomas, no children.  4). Bernard Henry Methvin born January 17, 1919, married Ardyce Ludeman, June 1, 1946, and had four children; Sharon Elizabeth Methvin Potts, Karen Elaine Methvin, Martha Ann Methvin Bowman and Todd Henry Methvin.     g) Lillian Octavia Methvin (Mar 25, 1888 Anadarko, Ok- Aug 17,1953), married John Gassaway and had Emma E. Gassaway (1912-1914), Johnnie Octavia Gassaway (born 1913), George Thomas Gassaway (1920-1973), Charles Eugene Gassaway (1922-1977), Clara Mae (Casey) Gassaway who married Richard Bozman, and Mary Louise "Pat" Gassaway, who married a Duree.

J.J. married 2nd., Ida May Swanson (1868-1969) on May 26, 1908, a teacher at the Methvin Institute. They had children,      a) Marvin Swanson Methvin (April 13, 1909-Feb 8,1984) married Jennie Louise Gilbert (1909-1990) on Sept. 1, 1934, and worked several years at the Labor Dept. in Washington, D.C.  They had John and Marilyn Kay Methvin, who married Robert Crump   b) Clark Methvin (Feb 25,1911-Feb 13,1917),       c) Paul Methvin, born May 23, 1913, married Elsie Yetive Patton- no children      d) Samuel  Lee Methvin, born Jan 30, 1916, married 1st, Isabell, no children, 2nd wife Shirley, 4 children Richard, David, Shane and Pattie.

Rev J.J. Methvin


G.  Jasper A. Methvin   born January 4, 1849.


H. Sarah Methvin was born November 31, 1851  in Wilkinson Co. Ga. She married James T. Hooks, born 1849, the son of Charles Hooks. Charles Hooks, born 1823 in Wilkinson Co., Ga., was one of seven children of John Hooks and Katie Summerford Hooks (she of Creek Indian descent). He was opposed to Secession in 1860, however, he had two sons who enlisted in the 3rd Gergia Regiment, one of whom, John, was killed at Spottsylvania. He was a polititian, a Whig, and served on the Georgia Legislature. He married three times, Rosa Ann Honeycutt, Ardilsia Taylor and Epsey Beck.


John Methvin married 2nd., according to Wilkinson County., Ga. Historical Collection by Maddox, Mary Ann Manson, the daughter of James and Margaret Manson. Mary Ann was given the use "during her natural life, and after her death, to the heirs of her body and if she dies without any such, then the above Negroes, viz: Hannah and Cate, to be returned to her own brothers and sisters to be equally divided among them." This was according to the will of her father, James Manson, written Oct 18, 1829. Mary Ann, however, may have been John's first wife, because in the 1850 Wilkinson Co., Ga. census, she is listed as Mary A. Melvin age 40, and is living with her mother Margaret Mason age 69 in Wilkinson Co. So, with the fact that Mourning Glover Methvin was written out of her father's will, does this mean that he objected to his daughter marrying a previously married man? Also the wife of John Methvin in 1870 is listed as Mary J. age 46, which is quite a bit younger than Mary Ann Manson Methvin would have been. Also there are sources that report that John married Mary McRaeny, the daughter of Norman and Catherine McRaeny, both born 1790.

John and Mary J. McRaeny were married July 13, 1854 and had James A. Methvin, Feb 8, 1856, Mary Cornelia Methvin, Jan 10, 1861, Gertrude E. Methvin, and Claude McKee Methvin, March 16, 1865.  All this according to the Rev. J.J. Methvin's Bible Records.

I. James Asbury Methvin was born to John and Mary Methvin in Feb 8, 1856 in Wilkinson Co., Ga.  He died September 23, 1910. He married Naomi Estelle Bender (March 27,1880- February, 1972) on December 12, 1895.  They had three girls, Clara Louise Methvin (January 31, 1901-December 24, 1995), Maxie Methvin (June 8, 1903-July 20, 1905), and Anna Maude Methvin (July 18, 1910-May 18, 1989).  A.  Clara Louise Methvin  married George Thomas Hall (August 31, 1893-January 23, 1977) on December 2, 1917 and they farmed in Dooly County, Ga.  Their children were: 1) Bessie Frances Hall (October 23, 1918-October 23, 1918),   2) William Franklin Hall, known as Brother, born November 26, 1919 married Fannie Willie Sellars (born September 1927) of Pelham, Georgia on January 25, 1948.  They had two children William T. (Bo) and Betty Jean.  Bo and wife Bernice live in Hemet, California, have one daughter Stephanie Jean, who married Justin Thomas Meredith and has one son Andrew Thomas, born January 31, 2000, and lives in Provo, Utah. Betty Jean (born October 25, 1949) married Gene Stoudt on May 29, 1992 and lives in Tallahassee, Florida    3) Eunice Marie Hall (January 31, 1922-August 1, 1972) known as Sister, married Ralph Lawrence James on May 9, 1945.  Their children were (a) Ralph Dan James, born December 15, 1948, married Linda Phillips (born October 31, 1948) in November, 1968, and had Melissa Marie James (born October 15, 1976), Michael Thomas James (born October 10, 1977), Carrie Michelle James (born October 20, 1978 and married Mark Allen Dixon, September 9, 2000), and Allison Ann James (born September 21, 1979).  They live in Lufkin, Texas  (b) Ginger Sue James, born December 12, 1956, married Robert Merrill (born March 11, 1958) on March 22, 1980) and have an adopted daughter, Elizabeth Claire (born November 17, 1992).  They live in Conyers, Georgia  (c) Thomas Lawrence James, born February 3, 1958,  married Christine (Chris) Blake on May 28, 1983.  They  have two children, Carl, born March 25, 1988, and Trevor, May 15, 1997, and live in Newnan, Georgia.      4) Mary Willie Hall, born June 19, 1924, married Horace Dillard on January 15, 1943 and reside in Unadilla, Georgia.   They have three children (a) Horace Roger, born February 6, 1944, lives in Unadilla, Georgia and has a daughter, Pamela Jean Dillard, born July 30, 1963. (b) Doris Joan Dillard, born August 1, 1947, married Bobby Helms and had two children, Beverly Joan, born December 23, 1965, and Belinda Janet, born June 2, 1967.  Doris and Bobby divorced and she married  Barry Renfroe on May 31, 1997.   They live in Sandersville, Georgia.  Joan married Neil Gunter on May 11, 1985, live in Byron, Georgia and have two children, Adam Christopher, born May 27, 1989 and Donald Casey, born June 15. 1991.  Janet married a Crosby and has two children, Ashley Denise Crosby, born January 8, 1989 and Amanda Joan Crosby, born January 10, 1991  (c) James Ricky Thomas Dillard, born April 10, 1957, married Nancy Ellen Powell (born November 26, 1957) on July 12, 1975.  They have a daughter, Jessica Elaine, born April5, 1988 and live in Vienna, Georgia.  5) George Thomas Hall, Jr. (May 20, 1926-September 28, 1926)  6) Ethel Anita Hall, born December 25, 1927, married Forrest Christopher Daniel on May 2, 1949, and had two daughters, Brenda Sue Daniel (born February 13, 1950) and Beverly Ann Daniel (born August 15, 1951).   Brenda was married to Milton Javery and had two daughters, Robin Kimberly, (born July 4, 1970, married David Chad Watters on June 12, 1999), and Cynthia Joy, (born June 30, 1973, married Larry Wayne Brown on March 12, 1994, and have a daughter Robin Joy born May 28, 1998).  Brenda lives in Douglasville, Georgia.   Beverly married Frank Vincent (deceased) and had one daughter, Heather Jane. Heather married Shawn Price and had daughters Meghan Ashley born June 21, 1992 and Sarah Elizabeth born December 18, 1996, before their divorce. Heather married 2nd David Jay (D.J.) Schell on September 24, 2000 and had Emily Kathryn on April 3, 2003 .   Beverly is now Beverly Parks and lives in Marietta, Georgia.  Ethel now lives in Fayetteville, Georgia.  7) James Methvin Hall, born October 10, 1930, married Edeltraude Waltzlowick of Landshut, Germany on May 23, 1953.  They had four children: a) Robert Neal Hall, born February 6, 1955, married Yong Kim (born January 23, 1955) from South Korea, on April 5, 1980.  They have two sons, Charles, born November 4, 1981, and John, born April 9, 1983. They live in Albany, Georgia.  b) George Ludwig Hall, born September 3, 1956, married Peggy Bryant (born April 29, 1960)   on September 5, 1998 and lives near Leesburg, Georgia.  c) Emily Louise Hall, born June 4, 1959, married Jimmy M. Taylor, (born May 5, 1953) on March 8, 1985. They have two children, Angela, born July 8, 1986 and Jimmy, Jr., born September 16, 1990  and live in Albany, Georgia.  d) Linda Marie Hall, born October 9, 1962, married Johnny Brown (born October 1, 1960), on March 27, 1981, and has two sons, Brandon, born October 13, 1981, and Tyler James (T.J.), born September 5. 1987 and lives in Leesburg, Georgia.  8) Georgia Hall, born December 13, 1933, was married to James Henry Powell (deceased) on December 18, 1953 and has three children; (a) Theresa Marie, the wife of Marvin "Charlie" Brown of Blue Ridge, Georgia and has two sons, Marvin and Mitch, (b) Bonnie Lou  (c) Donald.  Georgia married 2nd David Whitehead and had one child, Lorraine.  Georgia now lives in Forest Park, Georgia    9) Clara Neoma Hall born March 5, 1938, married to Larry Gene McRae (born September 30, 1938) on September 3, 1961 and had two children:  (a) Norma Catherine McRae, born July 17, 1964, married James Anthony (Tony) Streible (born March 28, 1964) on July 26, 1986.   They live in Clayton, Georgia and have two adopted children, Jonathan Scott Streible, born April 14, 1996 and Bethany Rachel Streible, born December 30, 1997.   (b) Kevin Wesley (Wes) McRae, born October 10, 1972 and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.   and 10) Archie Evans Hall of Albany, Ga, (October 28, 1940- February 29, 2000), married Patsy Quinette Gill of Oakfield, Georgia on December 8, 1961.  They have two children; (a) Vance Evans Hall, born December 8, 1963, and his wife Cathy live in Albany and have no children. (b) Donna Quinette Hall, is married to Terrell Matthews and lives in Hawaii. They have one child, Brittany Quinette, born April 23, 2000.   B. Annie Maude Methvin was married to Edward Muller of New York in 1934.  They had two children: 1) James Edward Muller, who married Jennifer (Jeffie), and had two daughters, Susan and Julie Muller. 2) Catherine Marie Muller, married Ronald Hagedorn and has two children, Karen and John Muller Hagedorn.     In Clara's obituary, it stated that she died Dec. 24, 1995, in Union City, Ga., and that she had 22 grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren and several great-great grandchildren.

J. Mary Cornelia (Nealy) Methvin was born about 1861. She married Samuel Hatfield, born 1852, the son of Joseph and Margaret Freeman Hatfield, on January 2, 1894.  They had two children: Cornelia, who married Dr. R.E.L. Patillo of Moultrie, Georgia and John Hatfield, who never married.

K. Gertrude Methvin June 8, 1867-Dec 17, 1939, never married. She is buried at Ball Family Cemetery in Wilkinson Co. Ga.


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