Samuel Ross Methvin


    Samuel Ross Methvin (Feb. 22, 1817-June 3, 1876) was the son of Thomas Methvin and Elizabeth McKee. He married Sarah Ann Sears (Feb 17, 1824- Dec 9, 1909), in 1840, Twiggs Co., Ga. She was the daughter of Timothy Sears and Jennie White. Timothy Sears was born in North Carolina, the son of a Revolutionary soldier who was killed. Timothy was "bound", but ran away from his master to Georgia, where he married Jennie White, a beautiful Scotch-Irish girl, when he was 21. They had 5 sons and 1 daughter. 1) Crockett Sears. 2) Wilson Sears, who had Allen Sears and Mary Jane Sears. Mary Jane (1838-July 28, 1872) married William Truelock Methvin, the son of J.A.P. Methvin and his wife Margaret Burke Methvin. 3) William Sears, who married Tabitha Bryant and had John Bryant Sears (resided in Barbour Co. Ala, was a teacher and later moved to Hood County, Tx), Mary Jane Sears (married John T. Meredith)and William Henry Sears (moved to Randolph Co. Ala., married Gatsy Blake, had 10 children and was killed near Rozier's Store by a horse who had thrown him against a pine tree when his youngest son was 2 years old). 4) Henry Sears (married Rebecca Freeman, had 8 children and moved to Texas. He was a Baptist preacher) 5) Eli Sears (1819-1858, married Winnie Davidson, daughter of Joseph Davidson Sr. and Margaret Ingram, had 4 children)

Eli Sears' last will and testament. In the name of God, amen. I, Eli Sears of the State and County aforesaid, being possessed of mind and disposing memory, deem it both a privilege and a duty to despose of my worldly effects which I do as designated by the following items. ITEM 1: It is my desire that my estate shall be kept together upon the plantation on which I now live until my wife shall marry again, or my children shall severally come of age, or marry, and then be subject to distribution in the following manner: ITEM 2. My wife either marrying or remaining a widow, shall have the use and service of my Negro cook woman, Leanna, during lifetime of her, my said wife. Said Negro woman shall not be subject to debts of my wife, nor any future husband, and upon the death of my siad wife, said Negro woman shall be returned to my estate together with her increase and to be divided among my children. I give to my wife a portion of the remaining property equal to that of each child, the same to be hers and to be disposed of by as she may deem proper; said portion shall not be taken from my estate until she married or the youngest child becomes of lawful age. ITEM3. My children shall draw an equal portion of my remaining estate as they become of age, or marry, said portion is to be theirs severally and to be disposed of by them as they may deed properly. ITEM 4. My land shall be subject to distribution in such manner that the taking off one part shall not injure the value of the remaining portion if such distribution and division cannot be made then my heirs may cultivate a portion of it as convenient to them to do so which shall rent it to anyone else, but my Executor may rent out as much as he deem proper; the said rent money shall belong to my estate and to be used as hereby given my Executor and Executrix power and authority to sell my lands when it shall become burdensome to my estate by foregoing distribution and the proceeds divided among my heirs. ITEM 5. Nothing in this will shall be construded as to give my wife a portion of any property and comes in the possession of my estate by any contract which I have made, or by the death of any relative. ITEM 6. It is my desire that $200 be reserved and held by my Executrix and Executor herein named to be paid to the Cool Springs Lodge, when that body shall build a church for worship and a Masonic lodge place when the premised deeded to said lot by Anderson Ingram, $50 to be appropriated by the lodge for the purpose of purchasing the Masonic Library and remaining $150 for building of said church and lodge, but if the said house should not be built not in the state of erection, within 10 years from the date, then this amount shall be divided equally among my legal heirs. ITEM 7. I hereby appoint my beloved wife, Winnie Sears, and my much esteemed friend, SAMUEL R. METHVIN, Executrix and Executor of this my last will and testament, this 17th day of June 1857. (signed Eli Sears) Wilkinson Co. Ga Record of Returns 1853-58, page 722.


This Masonic Hall was soon built. In the Georgia Journal and Messenger on September 14, 1853, there appeared a notice to Builders. "Will be let to lowest bidder on Thursday, next in the town of Marion, Twiggs County, a contract to build a Masonic Hall, 2 stories high with room underneath for public worship. The plan of building and other information can be obtained at the Courthouse or by addressing the Chairman of the Committee. Lewis Solomon, Chairman. S.L. Richardson, JohnGlover, Henry Land, Daniel G. Hughes, SAMUEL R. METHVIN, Hardy Solomon, WILLIAM METHVIN, SR., William C. Fitch, Henry Faulk, William M. Morton, Haywood Hughs. P. Reynolds, Clerk.


Last Will and Testament of Winnie Sears. In the name of God, amen. I, Winnie Sears, of the County aforesaid, being of sound mind, disposing memory, and being desirious to settle my worldly affairs while I have strength to do so, make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revolking all wills made by me at any time heretofore. FIRST. I commit my soul to God who gave it, and my body I desire to be buried in a Christianlike manner suitable to my conditions, and my worldly estate I despose of as follows. SECOND. I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid by my Executor hereinafter named. THIRD. I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Caroline Julia Matilda Carswell, formerly Caroline Julia M. Sears, ten dollars. FOURTH. I give and bequeath to my son, Andrew Watheur Sears, all the residue of my estate, real and personal, whatever and wherever whereby I shall die seized or possessed of, or entitled to, of what nature and kind, to my son, Andrew W. Sears, his heirs and assigns forever, to said Andrew W. Sears, should he die childless, should he depart this life without leaving a living child or children to succeed him, then and in that case, the property conveyed in this bequest, I give and bequeath to my beloved brothers, James H. Davidson, David W. Davidson, Drury M. Davidson and my brother-in-law, SAMUEL R. METHVIN, the whole to be equally divided and proportioned equally to them for their use, right and benefit, and I hereby require my after named Executor to execute and carry out the same. The following I name are Negroes given by myself in this bequest to Andrew W. Sears and he failing to have child or children, to James H. Davidson, David W. Davidson, Drury W. Davidson and Samuel R. Methvin, the half interest in one-half of the following Negroes, to-wit: John A., a man, Jim and Cummings, men, Rose, a woman, Daniel, Ed, Jack, Crawford, Watt, Lewis, boys, Victoria, a girl, also one-half interst in all the stock, horses, cattle, hogs, household and kitchen furniture and of all plantation implements, tools, wagons, carts and every other property about the premises, together with the undivided one-third part of the land and tenaments of the said plantation in the estate of Eli Sears, deceased. All of my estate, interest and demand from the estate of James Ingram of Canuche County, Alabama, but what amount, I do not know. Also a claim against my father's estate Joseph M. Davidson of Monroe County, Georgia. ITEM 5. I do hereby appoint my worthy friend, SAMUEL R. METHVIN, to be my sole Executor to this my last will and testament having revolked all others heretofore made by me. And I do hereby authorize and empower him, the said SAMUEL R. METHVIN to perform all acts that may be required to carry out this my last will and testament, consisting of the foregoing three leaves of paper and this added to the fourth leaf of paper, have set my hand and seal this 7th day of February, 1859. (signed Winnie Sears) Recorded in Minute Book 1856-66, Pages 37 & 38. Probated May, 1859.


1840 Georgia Wilkinson County, 353rd District page 302

Samuel Methvin 1 male 20-30, 1 female 15-20

Timothy Sears 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 50-60, 1 female 60-70

Wm. Sears 1 male <5, 1 male 20-30, 1 female <5, 2 females 20-30


1850 Twiggs Co. Ga. 84th District page 185 Oct 14, 1850

425-425 Samuel Methvin 37 M Farmer 4,200 Ga

Sarah 26 F Ga

Martha 9 F Ga

William 7 M Ga

Sarah 6 F Ga

Henrietta 1 F Ga

John Keith 17 M Ga

Nancy Keith 15 F Ga

Charles Morton 11 M Ga


1860 Twiggs County, Ga., 325th District, page 365b P.O. Marion, July 4, 1860

130-130 Samuel R. Methvin 43 M Farmer 10,700 18,730 Ga

Sarah Ann 36 F Ga

Martha Jane 19 F Ga

William R. 17 M Ga

Henrietta 10 F Ga


1870 Twiggs County, Ga. P.O. Gordon, June 28, 1870, page 477.

512-519 Methvin, S. R. 53 M W Farmer 3,000 1,500 Ga

Sarah Ann 46 F W HouseKeeping Ga

Henrietta 24 F W At Home Ga Sears, H.W. 22 M W Farm Labor Ga

 Children of Samuel R. and Sarah Ann Sears Methvin

A) Martha Jane Methvin, born November 18, 1840 and died April 14, 1910, in Twiggs Co., Ga, married Levi Gallemore, who farmed and operated a grist mill in Jeffersonville, Twiggs Co., Ga. They had:

1) Mattie Gallemore, married Tom Holliman. Their children were, Julian, Roy, Opal, Myrtle, Gladys and Ethel Holliman.

2) John Levi Gallemore, December 19, 1865-May 1, 1910. He married 1st., Lilla J. Smith and had Levi L. Gallemore, Elliot Gallemore and Lilla Gallemore. John married 2nd. Clara Horton and had Clara Ruth (Feb 15, 1902-Oct 21, 1997, married Charles B. Wall) and John Levi Gallemore (June 26, 1910-November 23, 1993, married Eloise Graham).

3) Samuel Methvin Gallemore (April 13, 1871 Jeffersonville, Twigg Co. Ga- Sept. 9, 1936 Jeffersonville). He married Mary Luna White (March 19, 1897- May 15, 1915), daughter of James B. and Susan Cordelia Gainey White. They had 6 children prior to her death in 1915. a) Samuel Iverson Gallemore (Aug 24, 1902-Feb 28, 1961) married Georgia May Jolly and lived in Greenville, S.C. b) James Parker Gallemore, born April 4, 1904, died Jan 15, 1942, married Fannie Mae Van Landingham c) Mable Cordelia Gallemore, born July 1, 1906, married John Hugh Grayson of Macon, Bibb County, Ga. d) Sarah Martha Gallemore, born Dec 28, 1907 e) Samuel Methvin Gallimore, Jr., born August 31, 1912, married Frances Floyd, daughter of Zachary and Hattie Savls Floyd on May 22, 1912. He retired from the Civil Service. e) Mary Lois Gallemore, born December 10, 1914, married Walter Jordan in 1937. Samuel Gallemore married 2nd Evie Pauline Lowe (Nov 8, 1897-1918) and 3rd Dora Jane Savls. He is buried in the Concord Cemetery in Twiggs Co. Ga.

4) William James Gallemore (June 29, 1875- July 13, 1950) married Mary Bunyon Long and had William James Gallemore (Aug 30, 1910-June 1, 1992, and married Evelyn Wimberly)

B) William Ross Methvin (May 27, 1843 Twiggs Co, Ga-Sept 12, 1925, Sylvester, Worth Co. Ga.) enrolled in Company I, 6th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee, "Twiggs County Guards". He was wounded at Seven Pines, Virginia resulting in amputation of his arm. He was discharged with a disability on August 10, 1862 and was known as "one-armed Billy". William married Henrietta Caroline Hodges (Nov 19, 1843, Andersonville, Sumpter Co. Ga-March 20, 1915, Jeffersonville, Twiggs Co. Ga.) the daughter of Robert J. and Rebecca Davenport Hodges of Americus, Ga. on December 7, 1863 in Hodges Plantation in Andersonville. He was listed as a grocer in the 1870 Sumpter County, Ga. census. Their children were:

1) Annabel Methvin (October 10, 1864, Jeffersonville, Twiggs Co. Ga.-December 13, 1944) married John C. Priest on June 17, 1888 and Edward Everett Hicks in 1912. She was a charter member of the Beech Springs Methodist Church.

2) Samuel Robert Methvin (June 12, 1878 Jeffersonville, Twiggs Co. Ga.-December 6, 1950 Sylvester, Worth Co. Ga). He was a pharmacist and doctor in Lindale, Ga. He married 1st. Lillian E. Cooper in 1905 and 2nd. Mildred Folson King (born May 25, 1892 in Rome Ga), the daughter of James Bard and Lena Hoyle Morris King, on September 15, 1915, in Rome, Floyd Co. Ga. They had Glenda Anna Bell Methvin on January 20, 1924 in Rome, Ga. She married E.C. Taubenholm and then D.L. Gammage.

3) Lucy Marie Methvin (February 21, 1880 Jeffersonville, Twiggs Co. Ga.- May 20, 1964)


1870 Sumpter Co. Ga. P.O. Americus page 286

8 8 William R. Methvin 27 M W Grocer 300 Ga

Henrietta C. 26 F W Keeping house Ga

Anna B. 5 F W Ga


1900 Twiggs County, Georgia, Jeffersonville

325 Methvin, W.R. May 1843 57 Ga

Henrietta C. wife Nov 1844 55 Ga

Mariah dau Feb 1880 20 Ga

Rozar, Hanson Son in law Apr 1881 19 Ga


c) Sarah Elizabeth Methvin (Oct 26, 1845- June 3, 1854, Twiggs County, Ga.)

d) Henrietta May Methvin (May 1, 1849-Nov. 27, 1888), married George Randolph Gallemore on Dec 12, 1873. They had Bessie, Rufus and George Randolph Gallemore.

e) Samuel Methvin (Nov 16, 1852- June 3, 1854, Twiggs County, Georgia)

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