Thomas Methvin

    Thomas Methvin was born February 14, 1777, possibly in Scotland. He migrated to the Georgia area in the late 1700's where he was listed in the 1794 Hancock County, Georgia, Raines District, Tax Digest. There is the general feeling that Thomas was the brother of Nathan Methvin, due to the 1932 Methvin History by John F. Methvin and the estate records of John Waller. In the Hancock County, Ga., Inventory and appraisment of the Estate of John Waller, dec'd, dated June 7, 1794, Nathan Methvin was the Executor and Thomas Methvin was a witness. Both men bought some of the property on July 14, 1798.

    Thomas was still living in Hancock County in 1805, when we drew a blank and a prize (serial # 948) in the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery. Thomas Methvin of Jefferson County drew a prize (serial # 1366).

    The 1820 census records have the following.    Wilkinson County    Thos. J. Methvin 2males under 10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 16-18, 3 males 16-26, 1 male 26-45. 4 females under 10, 1 female 26-45. There are 12 children listed in that census, but 6 are readily proved.

    Thomas was known to have married Elizabeth McKee Hicks August 1, 1808 in Jefferson County, Ga. His first wife is not known but probably died just after James A. P. Methvin's birth on January 2, 1806.

    On May 15, 1824, there was a deed between Thomas Meltvin Jr. of Twiggs County amd Thomas Meltevin of Wilkinson Co. in consideration of $600 in Hand paid, bargained, sold & conveyed unto said Meltevin all that tract of land lying in the 13th district of Monroe County, known as lot #38, containing 202 1/2 acres. Do warrant & defend said land from all persons. Witness: Archd McEntyre, Saml Williams, J.P. Signed Thos (X) Meltevin. Recd 8 June 1824.

The known children of Thomas Methvin were:

William (July 13, 1804-July 30, 1869), James A.P. Methvin (Jan 2, 1806-Nov 21, 1875), John Methvin (Jule 6, 1811-Sept 18, 1878), Sally (1812-1816), Samuel Ross Methvin (Feb 22, 1817-June 3, 1876), Elizabeth Ann Methvin (1818-1896) and Nancy Methvin (March 7, 1822-Dec 10, 1904)


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